Robin - our Winter Birthday Party Ideas Winner

Robins winter birthday party idea

Robin's simple, original and effective winter birthday party ideas caught my attention, demonstrating that great party ideas don't have to be over the top and expensive.

Robin told me

"Wow! I'm thrilled to have won, Sophie. Thanks so much!

I certainly enjoyed checking out your site (and got some great ideas for my daughter's upcoming birthday party) and it was just on a whim that I decided to enter the contest.

It certainly pays to follow a whim!"

A bit more about Winter 2011 winner.

"Besides being a writer/editor/photographer for an electronic newsletter and a big kid at heart, I am a 30-something-old mom of two beautiful little girls for whom I love throwing parties.

Any cause for celebration is reason enough for me! I've planned all kinds of parties for my families and friends--from a ''Friends'' finale shindig to a two-peas-in-a-pod baby shower to Chinese New Year dinners. I truly believe that celebrating the everyday is as important as celebrating the special occasions!

I am presently planning my daughter Avery's first birthday party (with a cupcake bakery theme that is as sweet as she is!), as well as an 80th birthday tea party for my grandmother.

I love all aspects of party planning--invitations, costumes, themes, crafting, cake-decorating, food preparation, game-planning and favour-making. And as a shutterbug and scrapbooking fanatic, I love to take lots of photos of the entire event to preserve the memories forever.

I generally do much of the planning myself, as I enjoy making invitations and decorations by hand, but also because I like to keep costs as low as possible. A great party does not have to be over-the-top and expensive to be memorable.

As much as I enjoy putting together little details that work within a theme, I know that the details are not what the guest of honour will remember about that special day. My daughters will remember the guests who were there to celebrate with them and how much fun all of them had!"

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