What can I use at a party instead of a birthday cake?

by Teresa

great birthday ideas

great birthday ideas

It's my sister's 40th birthday soon. We are organising a meal out for her at her favourite place. The puddings at this restaurant are amazing and we have decided not to have a birthday cake (as we'll all be too full!). I feel like the party won't be complete without a cake. Can you think of any different birthday cake ideas I could use instead?

Hi Teresa,

Why not ask the restaurant if they could jazz up one of their fabulous deserts. Write "Happy 40th (what ever your sister's name is)” in chocolate around each dessert plate, or put a sparkler or candle in you sister's desert.
We once had my daughters party at a pizza restaurant. We ordered her a large ice cream desert with a candle in it. The candle resembled something of a flame thrower, I was about to rush for the nearest fire extinguisher!)
Assuming that every-one at the party is of drinking age, how about a special cocktail instead of a birthday cake.
You could ask the restaurant if they could name a cocktail after her, they may have a recipe suggestion. Or you could make your own up, or find one on line.

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Sophie x

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