Celebrating the big 5-0 with an unusual 50th birthday gift

The art of giving an unusual 50th birthday gift is choosing something that will create special memories, or will celebrate memories.

My friend organised a city break in Dublin, Ireland for her husband. She checked with her boss first that he could have the time off (asking him to keep the secret of course). Then chose a silver envelope, slipped the air tickets inside and wrapped it with a large ribbon and bow. The tickets were for the weekend after his birthday. They had such a fabulous time and it's never been forgotten.

I asked a group of celebrated 50 something's from the fifty plus forum what ideas for 50th birthday present 's they could come up with, their ideas are below

Red Letter Experience Days Turning 50 means look forward to the second party of life. It's often a time for trying out new ideas or experiences. A day full of new experiences and memories to treasure would be perfect, but which one do you choose? How about a day at the races. A driving experience Ferrari, Aston Martin or even a tank or a tiger moth plane! For those of are fit and fifty would they appreciate a pole dancing experience lesson?? Tour of a favorite football club. All make unusual 50th birthday Gift Ideas

Indulgence Spa breaks, chocolate experience day

Courses A wine tasting or cookery course.

Make up lesson - many department stores offer free make up consultations, combined with a cosmetic gify voucher, this would make a lovely gift.

Along the same lines, many stores also offer a personal shopper, usually free. During the appointment the Personal Shopper will discuss your friend or loved one's requirements and then, in the privacy of their own private suite, they can sit back and relax with a drink and browse through magazines while the shopper select items from around the store. It’s hassle-free shopping avoiding the crowds. Appointments can get full, so plan and book in advance, and don't forget the gift voucher!

Name a rose or a star

A family photo shoot would make a stunning gift. Not only would it get the family together and be a fun thing to do together. It creates a wonderful portrait gift treasured forever.

Personalised gifts Personalised wine, champagne or their very own whiskey blend, Along with some quality 50 glasses. Cufflinks or a necklace made from coins minted in the year of his birth. Try searching ebay for the year of their birth and see what you find. I found a memorabilia pack for a 1960's childhood,

Techno Most people now own a mobile phone, but if they don't what better time to start. Or you could update their old version with something a bit smarter. Ipods or MP 3 players may make a good gift, along with an itunes voucher so they can load it up with all those 70's classics!

There are plenty of books for those celebrating 50...Life after 50Things to do now you're 50You know your 50 when...Feel fab at 50101 things to do before you're old and boring.

Make a 'Celebrating 50 years' book. This will take a bit of time so prepare well in advance. Buy a good quality photo album or scrap book. Ask friends and family to write about the person, their first memory, favourite experience etc and see if they have any good photo's. Then compile these into a book. You could add a page on the day they were born

Have you got a great 50th birthday gift idea?

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I would have liked a hot air balloon trip, still would. My Grandson had a drive in a Ferrari for his 21st last year and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, …

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