Train 'round the loop

by Macy

My friends birthday was coming up and I had to make the cake. My friend loves toy trains. He has a whole set of them with a train track.

I decided to make a chocolate mold of the train tracks, while the chocolate set I made a vanilla cake with choc chips.

When the cake was finished and the cocolate had set I took the chocolate off the track and poured melted white chocolate inside it so it was solid and not hollow. I put the train tracks on the cake. Then I took one of my friends trains, I cleaned and dryed it then put it on the train tracks, on the cake.

Before eating it we took the train off and broke the tracks into little pieces for each person. The cake and chocolate was delicious. Macy.R.

Hi Macy,

that sounds like a great birthday cake, do you have a picture you could share with us?

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