by Judith Rachmani
(Ramat Gan, Israel)

Tourist Birthday Tradition

Tourist Birthday Tradition

I am the mother of two children, a son and a daughter, now 18 and 26 years old, and we still maintain a birthday tradition which began on the sixth birthday of my daughter, the older of our two children.

I take only the birthday child (without his father or sibling) to a local tourist attraction that he has never visited before.

When they were younger, both our children chose the same attractions: water parks, amusement parks and video arcades.

As they grew older, they chose different venues: buying tickets for the sound and light show at the planetarium or a musical (The Sound of Music) at a local theatre, visiting an arts and crafts fair or a science fiction convention, spending the night in a five-star hotel with an indoor swimming pool and a free-for-guests movie theatre and sumptuous buffet breakfast or camping in a tent at a local camp ground.

Since I am a newcomer to this city, moving here from my home town after I married my husband, I experienced all of these tourist attractions for the first time with my children.

Sophie Says

This birthday tradition combines a couple of great themes especially for children, and is a wonderful way to build birthday memories over the years.

  • Spending really good quality time with a child is a precious birthday gift that won't be lost or buried at the back of the closet by Christmas.

  • Visiting tourist attractions in your own city really enhances the experience of where you live. Of course there aren't many miles to travel and you can often save vouchers and look around for some great deals before the event. Spend the day on a tour bus and learn all about your local towns attractions and history. Have lunch or dinner at the venue of their choice, or even a picnic in the park.

My kids have always enjoyed spending time in hotels, and never so much if they get the chance to spend the time alone with me. Shopping around for a great deal that includes evening meals, breakfast and a swimming pool is a superb idea. So good in fact I know where exactly where I'm taking Fraser for his next birthday.

I will ring ahead and ask the hotel to put a few 13th birthday decorations and balloons in the room for me to make the day extra special. Can't wait to enjoy this new birthday tradition!!

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