The birthday boy

by Dominique Heathcote
(Barcelona, Spain)

The Birthday boy was quiet and still

and he behaved right up until,
he suddenly leapt up and said
'I will be naughty now instead'
and so he threw up in the air
a piece of cake that landed there,
right in his favourite girlfriend's hair
he didn't really seem to care.
Then he ran round and chased his friends
the boys joined in until the end
when some-one fell and hurt his knee
and some-one else did spill the tea.
The girls all wanted to go home,
the boys said they could go alone,
then they continued having fun,
played hide and seek till one by one,
they all got lost and couldn't be found,
they laughed and rolled upon the ground.

The ladies wondered what was wrong,
not quite sure what was going on,

The mother embarrassed by her son,
who'd just today turned 51.

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