The Birthday Book

by Helen

The Birthday Book

The Birthday Book

I like to record birthday traditions with photo's. We have the birthday book and every year take photo's of at least 3 events on the birthday.

  1. The birthday breakfast. I make a special breakfast in bed on a colourful stripy tray that I keep especially for birthday breakfasts. We always have a photo of Nial or Robert enjoying there birthday breakfast in bed.

  2. A picture of the boys stood back to back against their Dad, so we can see how they're growing every year. Although as my husband pointed out last time, it also highlights how much older he's getting every year!

  3. A picture of the boys at the exact time they were born. Luckily both our boys were born early evening, so this one isn't too much of a problem.

Sophie Says

A scrap book is a great birthday idea. Why not make it even more special with The Birthday Book.

You can start this on their 1st birthday, completing the book each year. By the time they are 18 it'll make a great 18th birthday gift .

This is not anything like a baby book. It’s a birthday book! It was born from the simple idea that birthdays provide the perfect annual opportunity to preserve a sweet moment in time as your child changes from year to year. So it’s a multi-layered confection: annual touchstone, cherished ritual, and eternal keepsake.

This journal provides fun, fast, and casual birthday activities for ages 1-18 as well as space to stick birthday photos and a random picture from each year, amusing and thought-provoking questions to ask your kid, and a time-capsule envelope for stashing away odds and ends (artwork, school papers, hand tracings, birthday cards, invitations, and other memorabilia).

From toddler hood to young adulthood to every hood in between, you’ll return to the same four activities for each birthday. The questions prompts, and tone may shift each year, but the essence intentionally remains intact.

"I ordered the birthday book for my son. I have had great intentions of grand scrapbooks, but they have never happened. This was perfect for my needs, I just wish I had know about it earlier. I have just ordered 2 more birthday books to give as gifts to friends with very young children."

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