Teenager Birthday party

So my birthday is in october so i was thinking of having a halloween party...but i need ideas....i was also thinking of having a bonfire...or a fun party that wasnt at my house. I realy want a fun and cool party that isnt little kidish

I would love my birthday to be around halloween! It just lends itself to FAB parties.
We often host a halloween party, and insist that every-one dresses up! And believe me this is one fancy dress theme that doesn't have to be kidish! You car really go to town on the special effects and make-up.
Decorate the party venue with black and silver balloons and scarey decorations. Replace all the light bulbs with red ones, it gives a great atmosphere to the place.
A bonfire sounds a great idea. The food can be really simple like jacket potatos and a big bowl of chilli.
You could organise a moonwalk around a local grave yard, in costume of course. (Be respectful)
I was thinking recently of writing a page on halloween birthday parties. As soon as I've done that I'll let you know!
Hope you have a happy birthday

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by: Charlotte

I've been to Sophie's Halloween parties - they're fab!

Always love the cool pumpkin carvings - and when you had atmospheric 'smoke' coming out too!

Great memories :o)

Charlotte x

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