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Teenage Party Themes. A teenage party is not one of the easiest things to do. Everything has to “rock”, and if you have tried to before, you know that settling for something that will make your teen happy, not embarrass them, and keep all the attendants interested and doing the right things takes a long time to come up with.

Let’s have a look at some of the teenage party themes that you can pull off without any trouble from your teen.

Beach Parties

 If you live close to a beach or can access one easily, this is one of the coolest party ideas that you can come up with. For one thing, you have lots of room to work with, which means that you can have lots of different things going on at the same time. If you throw in whatever

music your teenager thinks is cool (be sure to let them select their own music if you don’t want a fight) and then keep the food and snacks coming, you may find that you are able to leave out decorations or that you need to do just enough to demarcate where your party is.

Allow some fun in the water, but have someone watching the teenagers to make sure that they are safe. Teen birthday party games are also great in a party like this because you have lots of space and they can make as much noise as they want.

A Black light party

This is what your teenager probably thinks being grown up is all about – clubs and fun. It’s all about playing with neon to create the lighting that you get in a club, and there are many ways you can make it fun. You can make glow in the dark invitations that ask everyone to wear something small that glows in the dark.

This builds anticipation as the party approaches and everyone is looking for something small that will make them stand out in the dark. It’s one of those teen birthday party ideas that you can do so much with. Go ahead and ask your teen to throw in what they think would make it even more fun, so long as its safe.

Remember to ask them about the music, and of course let them create the guest list so that all you have to do is approve it.

Murder mystery party

Depending on the kind of teenager that you have, this can be great fun. If they are into reading, mysteries and learning new things, this is a great way to boost to what they already know by making a fun evening out of their party.

It’s all about looking for the killer by following certain pre-set clues. There are many ways to do it. You can hire professional actors, but this may be asking the teenagers to ask for a long time. You can get them to look for the killer by discussing and following clues.

Of course you must send out appropriately themed cards and ask them to “dress to kill” – let them know the theme so that they can get appropriate attire.

Teenage party themes should take into account the character of the teenager, what they like and do not like. Remember they are now leaning who they are and are desperate to fit in. Whatever teenage party themes you choose will be more acceptable if you allow your teenagers contribution into the affair.

Let them choose as much as you can what they would like so long as it is safe and acceptable, and of course on the day of the party, be there or be nearby in case they need you.

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