Teen Party Themes

by sherii
(New Jersey)

teen party themes

teen party themes

My birthday is going to be in colombia and it is in decemder the 22nd so i want to pick a theme thats not too big but also i want it to be modern and cute and im going to turn 13

Hi Sherri,

I held a contest last winter entitled 'Winter Birthday Party ideas', many of these ideas can be used as teen party themes so I hope this question will be easy to answer!

I guess an obvious theme would be 'Winter', with snow and all things frosty. The decorations and party wear would be easy to get hold of at that time of year.

The opposite of this would be to celebrate the passing of summer and hold a Hawaiian themed party.

Another good theme that's quite simple and would work well for a teen party, is a PJ party, every-one comes to the party in their pyjama’s!

For my daughters 13th birthday we all went to see the Xfactor live show, which would also make a pretty cool 13th birthday party theme, and could involve a bit of karaoke which always goes down well!

I hope this helps

Have a very Happy Birthday


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