Top Ideas for Teen Birthday Party Games

So your looking for some great teen birthday party games to bring the event to life...

Spin the Bottle - Truth or Dare Get yourself a bottle and something to spin it on, then sit in a circle around it. The host starts by spinning the bottle, who ever it stops at has to answer a truth or dare question by the spinner. For example tell everyone who you had your first kiss with or be tickled by the player the left. Have fun and be creative!!

Twister If you've been on another planet for the last 10 years. Twister is and energetic game, generally favoured by contortionists. You have a large plastic sheet with coloured giant dots on it and a board with a long pointy thing. Spread the sheet on the floor, one player acts as the spinner and referee. He spins the pointy thing which dictates which arm or leg the other players have to place on which coloured dot. Easy-peasy. Until about the third move!

Mystery Party Game How do you fancy hosting a birthday party with a difference, it'll be the talk of the town and remembered for years to come. Host a mystery party game, you can down load many different murder and non-murder mystery games and scavenger hunts from the web. Really get into the spirit by asking every-one to dress up as their character beforehand.

Who am I? This is an easy party game to prepare and a good icebreaker. Think up of a list of celebrity names and write them individually on labels. Stick each label on the back of each of one of your guests. They have to guess who they are by asking questions. Ideas for celebrities, Simon Cowell, Kylie Monogue, Hannah Montanna...

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