Shhhh...Don't Tell! Surprise Birthday Party Ideas and Tips,

The most challenging thing about surprise birthday party ideas is actually keeping them a secret. Planning a surprise party is great fun, however you need to be extremely well prepared and plan everything well ahead.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas & Excuses - Creating the diversion

If you're planning a surprise party at their house you'll need to get them out of the way while you get the place ready, you'll need some-one to create the diversion and some-one to be back at base to arrange everything.

  • Ask them to meet you for a drink, then tect them at the exact time and say you've had a change of plan and to come home instead.
  • Pretend to be taking them out somewhere and when you're nearly there say you forgot something and have to go home.
  • Tell them you're having just a couple of friends round for a drink and get them to come to the supermarket with you to buy supplies.
  • Take them out for a drink, then act really ill and ask them to drive you home.
  • Tell them you're going out for a meal and have booked a taxi. Then have the taxi take you to the surprise venue with all the guests waiting there. You could even hire a limo if the budget will stretch. They'll think that's their surprise!

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas - Keeping it a secret

  • Don't be afraid to hammer the point home that it's surprise, keep reminding people
  • Ask guests to invent some thing that they'll be doing on the day of the party, to throw the surprisee off the scent
  • Plan to hold the party a couple of days before their birthday, they won't be suspecting a thing
  • Enlist in plenty of help, then you won't seem too suspicious
  • Make it clear on the invitations that the birthday is a surprise. Ask guests to RSPV to an alternative address or telephone number
  • Tell the birthday boy or girl that you're planning a party, but tell them it's for a week later than you're actually planning it.
  • Make out that the surprise party is actually for another person. Get a friend to 'plan' a fake party and invite the surprisee. When they arrive they'll find out the party is rally for them.
  • Tell the surprisee that you're planning a very small party and keep it really low key. The surprise will be that'll be much bigger than they expected with guests they haven't seen for ages.

Surprise Birthday Party Entrances

  • Don't tell the kids, it's not fair to expect them to keep a big secret!
  • Incorporate the party in to something they normally do. For example if they always go for a drink on a Saturday night.
  • Ask guests to ensure they park away from the house so they don't give the game away at the last minute
  • Guests should ensure they get to the house at least 30 minutes before the party is due to start. If they're going to be late ask them to turn up after the surprise so they don't ruin it at the last minute.
  • Make sure that the decorations can't be seen from out side the house

Other birthday surprise ideas and tips

  • Make sure the person will actually be free on the date you choose
  • Send the invitations about 8 weeks in advance, so every one has enough time to make sure they are there
  • Take a peek at their address book and invite people they haven't seen for a long time
  • Make sure every-one has a party popper for the surprisee as they arrive
  • Check your surprisee doesn't have a heart or other medical condition!

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