Gift the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

A gift idea that's proving really popular is the sonic boom alarm clock. A gift that’s great fun to give and receive, and of course functional and useful for those who need a little extra help getting out of bed of a morning.

So if your friend of loved one struggles to get out of bed for school, college or work, and lets face it who doesn't, then take a look at our review of cool alarm clocks. Getting out of bed will never be the same again!

Sonic Boom Bomb

The Sonic Bomb, has been designed for people of all age groups who can't get them selves out of bed in a morning. With night display and pulsating lighting, complete with ground trembling super-charged bed shaker, and turbo 113db extra noisy alarm. learn more about the Sonic Boom Bomb

Sonic Bomb for Girls!

The new Sonic Bomb Girl Alert, has been designed for girls that just want to have fun. Cool hot light red color, fun multi shaded display with alarm lighting. Complete with that infamous 1v bed shaker and a Hi/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night. Learn more about Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Never over-sleep again! Clocky is the alarm on wheels that runs away beeping! You can quick press snooze once, but if you don't get up, Clocky will leap off of your nightstand, and run around your bedroom bleeping until you get up and switch him off. Like a lively pet that will ensure you get out of bed on time. Learn more about Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels...

Hot Wheels Snore Slammer

Get them up for school to engines revving and tyres squealing, with the Hot Wheels Snoring Slammer alert. Learn more about the Hot Wheels Snore Slammer Alarm Clock

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