The Most Romantic Gift for Guys Online

Don't let his birthday slip by without reading romantic gift for guys.Take the opportunity to put that sparkle back into your relationship.

Show him how much you love him with romantic birthday gifts for him. Of course you have to toe the line between romantic birthday ideas and excessive soppiness! here's my Top 10 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for that number 1 man in your life... romantic gift for guys

10. The One & Only Love Album

Chill out with this 2 disk CD of romantic 'make out music'.

Classic soft rock love songs that will always be in style.

The One & Only Love Album is a collection of incredibly fine, timeless love songs that are perfect for some special time all alone with your sweetheart.

I persnoally recommend this romantic birthday gift.

9. Breakfast In Bed

Spoil him on his special day with a sensuous Breakfast In Bed. This breakfast gift for two is perfect for a cosy morning snuggle in bed. If he's usually up at the 'crack of sparrows' on his way to work on his birthday, phone his boss and arrange a surprise day off.

8. Romantic Picnic For Two

Staying on the theme of food, and they do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, is a heart warming Picnic For Two Can you remember the last time you had a picnic? Actually I don't think my hubby and I ever did that, there's an idea!

Fingers crossed that the weather is good. Otherwise you can always decamp and have Breakfast In Bed! Don't forget your rose petals to scatter on the bed first...

7. I Love You Coupons

These Romantic Love You Coupons are the perfect gift to give a loved one. The coupons are great inspiration for romantic ideas. It assures plenty romantic memories. They're a great romantic gift for guys or an ANYDAY gift!

6. The RoMANtics Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love

If your man needs a little push in the romance department how about a little book called tips for a life time of love.

I am assuming here that you do intend to spend the rest of your life with him. If you'd rather just inject a little spice into your relationship, without the 'life long' bit, read on to number 5...

5. Naughty Weekend Gift Basket

If it's a weekend of romantic birthday ideas you're after, this Naughty Weekend Kit will definitely heat things up with a game to spice things up between you and your guy, massage lotion, tea lights, sizzling body candy, satin eye mask, bliss balm and satin storage pouch.

The gift includes chocolate warming massage oil, sexy sizzling body candy, sensual body balm, satin eye mask, four mood setting tea lights and a spinner game. With sexy scenarios and suggestions just a spin away, this kit will ensure any couple has a weekend full of sensual pleasures. Now where's my credit card...!

romantic gift for guys at number 4 in my Romanitc Gift for Guys Top 10 guide...

4. Duct Tape Roses

Well perhaps not that romantic, but will definitely make him smile.

If you think sending a guy flowers is a bit soppy, send him a bouquet of Duct Tape Roses.

Of course they won't wilt after a week, and will last, reminding him of your great taste in romantic birthday gifts!

3. Sensual Massage Gift Set

Voted as Cosmos most Sexiest Gift Ever, this Sexy Massage Set Is the ultimate sensual experience. The "Warm & Sensual Massage Oil" has been acclaimed as possibly the finest intimacy oil available - absolutely ideal. Not greasy or oily. Slightly warming. Skin will feel soft and nourished.

A cheerful, loving heart is included for a special touch.

A perfect gift for anyone special - and particularly those that endure more than average muscular stress!. Also ideal for those romantic, intimate moments. Beautifully gift boxed. romantic gift for guys

2. Personalized Silver Heart Key Chain

A sturdy key chain, engraved with the message of your choice.

This Love Heart Key Chain will be with him where ever he goes, reminding him of you!

romantic gift for guys

..and finally the number 1 most romantic gift for guys name a star

There are countless stars in the sky, but only one with his name on it.

This romantic gift idea gives you the opportunity to name one of the countless stars in the night time sky. Most stars are only named by a catalog number.

With a guide on how to find your star, a Star & Astronomy booklet, a Star Wall map and star certificate, this gift is out of this world romance!

In fact why not buy two, one for each of you, glittering in the sky together, if that doesn't put the sparkle into your relationship...!

The ultimate in romantic gift for guys.

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