One of the Best Romantic Birthday Surprises Around, Romantic Birthday Ideas

This story is one of the best romantic birthday surprises around.
Maria felt a touch miffed driving to work. It was her birthday and Phil had barely managed to open an eye this morning. She'd got up and made his cup of coffee as usual. You'd have thought just once a year he could move his backside and make her breakfast in bed.

romantic birthday suprises

Sitting down at her desk and switching on her computer she watched her email box populate. A message appeared titled 'Happy Birthday Darling', she opened it up and read
Good Morning Darling
I 'm always such a grouch in the morning after the night shift. But I wanted you to know that I definitely have not forgotten your birthday. Prepare for lots of romantic birthday surprises.
Happy Birthday
I love you

Maria felt a huge smile spread across her face, and felt perhaps a little guilty for all her bad thoughts earlier. Phil was a great guy really and always thought of romantic birthday ideas on her special day. Last year he'd presented her with tickets for a romantic weekend in Paris, and the year before he'd hired a chef to come to the house and they'd both had the most delicious candlelit dinner.

Brought back to the present by her phone ringing Maria lifted the receiver

“There's a delivery at reception for you” the receptionist told her.

Maria walked down to reception to be met by the biggest bouquet of flowers she'd ever seen, they were beautiful. She opened the envelope attached

Happy Birthday
At 12 noon please collect a cake from Jones the Bakers on Bridge Street. Take the rest of the afternoon off (it's cool with your boss, I checked!)
See you later
All my love

At 12 Maria was in the bakers to be given a box. On opening it up there was her birthday cake. Happy 30th Birthday Maria was piped beautifully on the top of a rich and delicious looking chocolate cake, her favourite. The baker handed her an envelope.

Go to the customer service desk on the third floor at Debenhams
Happy Birthday xxx

Maria was feeling pretty exited now, Debenhams, one of her favourite department stores, this can only mean shopping!

Being met by her own personal shopper was quite treat. Maria had never had a personal shopper before and she spent the afternoon trying on clothes she would never have usually tried, and being spoilt in the VIP lounge. She eventually chose a halter neck red dress with shoes to match, paid for by the voucher that Phil had arranged. She was told to keep the dress on and taken down to the make up counters where she was given a full make over.

The beautician, was quite envious of Maria's boyfriend and his brilliant ideas for a romantic birthday. Maria was given a final envelope that read

See you at Mario's at 7pm

Checking her watch Maria realised she had just enough time to jump in the car and get to the restaurant. On arriving there she saw Phil waiting for her, at their favourite table overlooking the canal. Walking over she saw the table was adorned with red rose petals and romantic candles. She slipped into her chair feeling like a million dollars.

“Did you enjoy my romantic birthday surprises?”, asked Phil handing her a glass of pink champagne, her favourite.

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