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By Sally

Romantic birthday gifts for him. Find out how to buy perfect romantic presents...

I'm racking my brains thinking of romantic birthday gifts for him. It's my dear husbands happy birthday soon, I want to give give him a gift that's romance in a nut shell. I want to go the whole hog with romantic presents this year. Things haven't been easy and he deserves a real treat. But where on earth do I start? OK, so let's think about his interests, make list. He loves his bike (a rather lovely Harley Davidson), beer and vampire films, so lets start there.

Harley Davidson

Real Ale


Beer, that's not romantic is it?

There's no point in buying him anything for his bike, I don't know the mudguard from the sissy bar, and anyway bike bits are not romantic birthday gift ideas!

A picture of his bike. We've got some good ones on the pc. Maybe I could get it stylised, like pop art. He'd like that and it's definitely personal. Ok, that's one for the list.

I've just done an internet search for Harley romantic birthday gifts for him, and the first thing I find is a Harley garden bench. Mmmm don't think we're ready for that just yet, I'll keep it in mind for a few years down the line.I'm sure he's mentioned loads of things over the year that he'd like, but I can't remember any of them. (Mental note to self... write it down next time!)

I tried a google search on gothic and yorkshire (that's where we live) and I'm so exited, I found a gothic vampire hotel. 'Bats and Broomsticks' it called. How cool is that.

Right there's a plan forming. Romantic weekend away on the bike, a gothic B&B and I even found a real ale pub on the tourist guide website near by, can it get any better!!

The room I booked has a gothic looking four poster bed, decorated in red and gold. The photo's look so cool. This is definitely going to be the best romantic birthday gifts for him. There's even a gift shop in the town called 'Vampire Gifts'.

I've phoned Dave's boss and he's promised to send him home early on the Friday so we can set off early. I'm going to take the afternoon off and pack everything, so as soon as Dave gets home. I'll just tell him we're going somewhere special on the bike. It'll be a total surprise. I can't wait! I just hope I can keep it secret until Friday, this is going to be the best romantic gifts for him!

If, unlike Sally, your guy's not into bikes, beer & vampires. The principle is the same. List his interests, likes and loves and let your imagination take over.

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