Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her, Romantic Birthday Ideas

Before we even start thinking about romantic birthday gifts for her lets get the day started on the right note...

romantic birthday gifts for her

Begin the day with breakfast in bed, something luxurious like croissants with cream cheese, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with a glass of buck fizz. A single rose or other flower on the tray makes a finishing romantic touch. If you don't live with her, do remember to send a birthday text or phone to wish her happy birthday first thing in the morning.

A rose or rose petals left on her car seat, if she'll be setting off for work on her birthday, a contributes to a day full of romantic birthday ideas.

Choosing romantic birthday gifts for her is probably easier than the other way round. Women love the traditional, chocolates, flowers, jewellery. As long as they are chosen carefully and given with thought then you really can't go wrong. Choose wisely, a hand tied bouquet from the florist is infinitely more romantic than a cellophane wrapped offering from the petrol station.

Having flowers delivered to her work makes it more special than handing over a bunch across the breakfast bar. Write a romantic poem or verse for her to be included in the card. Flowers can also be delivered with romantic helium balloons, chocolates, wine or teddy bears. Sending is synonymous with expressing feelings that words can't always match. A bouquet of beautiful freshly cut flowers is one of the most romantic birthday gift ideas there are.

Of course red roses are the most romantic flower to send, but other flowers are also quite acceptable, her favourite flowers, or a bouquet in her favourite colour. I think sometimes that a single red rose given with a gift such as champagne or jewellery is more romantic than a huge bouquet.

romantic birthday gifts for her

Chocolate has been associated with passion for centuries, and it's reputation as an aphrodisiac dates back to the Aztecs. The sensuality of chocolate makes them ideal romantic birthday gifts, speaking a thousand words and feelings. The anticipation of opening up the softly padded paper of a luxury box works wonders on the senses.

Quality rather than quantity is definitely a winner in this case. See if you can find a specialist chocolate shop nearby. Most towns or cities have one hiding away somewhere. You can choose individual hand made chocolates to make up a unique box for her. Alternatively, you could have them delivered to her place of work, with a romantic note.

romantic birthday gifts for her Love cupcakes or biscuits are an unique food gift, they can also be printed with your own message and delivered, to show how much you care.

Although flowers and chocolates are not a unique romantic gift idea, they are timelessly and seductively romantic. Provided they are chosen with thought and presented tastefully you can't go wrong with traditional romantic birthday gifts for her.

Of course the end of the day should finish in the same romantic vein that it began. Wine and dine her somewhere special, preferably candlelit and seductive.

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