Rent a limo for my birthday

by Jasmine
(jacksonville, fl)

I want to have a birthday party and I have a limo, I just don't know a good idea for were the limo can take us ?

Lucky You! What a great birthday ideas.

To be honest it doesn't really matter where the limo goes, as you'll be inside with yoour friends having the time of your life!

Make sure the limo is stocked with plenty of drinks and snacks before you set off.

Invite your friends round first so you can have fun getting ready, and insist on everyone wearing their finest clothes.

My top limo desintations...

  • Nowhere! Just head for town, where there's lots of people. Hang out of the windows and wave at every-one. Remember to stock your limo with drinks and snacks before you set off

  • How cool would it be to go through a drive though in your birthday limo?

  • Have your limo drop you off at the cinema, the driver could even get our first and put out the red carpet for you to walk on

  • Go and see Granny or Grandpa or another relative

  • Drive around your friends houses to pick each of them up, get the red carpet out at each house

Remember to come back after your limo party and let us know what a marvelous time you had!

I hope you liked my birthday ideas.

Happy Birthday


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