Pass the Parcel - Where Everyone Wins!

by Claire

We played a slightly different version of pass the parcel at my son's birthday last week.

Usually I wrap up up one gift in many layers of wrapping paper, and then at the party, the kids sit in a circle, the music starts, and they start to pass the parcel around - and when the music stops, the child holding the parcel unwraps the first layer. And so it continues, until the the child who finally opens the parcel receives it as a prize.

This time, I rather adventurously wrapped up a parcel for every child... which was quite a lot of work, even though we were not expecting many guests!

So you do need to know exactly how many children will be participating.

Anyway - the kids got really excited when we handed each one a parcel! And once they start passing all the parcels round the circle, things do get a bit chaotic!

I wrapped each layer in a different kind of paper - including newspaper, brown paper envelopes, plain wrap, patterned wrap etc - and so I could check when the music stopped that only one layer had been unwrapped each time (you don't want some kids ripping off two layers by mistake.)

If you've got both girls and boys at your party, it's best to choose gifts that will be suitable for both - and also ones that are similar in price so that nobody gets jealous!

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