Outdoor Party Themes

by Fenia

Hey Sophie, this is the second question I ask for my party...

...Well, I was sure everything was planned right... The DJ, the place.. Everything.
Yesterday, I decided to check the weather on internet. And I found out that..:
- Five hours before my party there is going to be a rain.
-Two hours before my party there is going to be some rain...(not too much..)
-During the party, it will MAYBE rain...
Well, I've got a big garden, so I invited many guests (40 guests..).
I dont think that all these people are going to have enought space to dance in my living-room...
What do you advice me to do?
Take the risk of doing my party outside,
or get inside and squeezed?

Take the risk, it may not rain! However just incase you will want to provide some shelter for those who won't fit into the living room.

A an outdoor party themes tent is the perfect solution.

If you think you or your family would use it again it may be worth investing in buying one. Otherwise you could hire one, or even borrow one.

Could you borrow a few? Ask friends and family. Then you can put them up around the garden. With food and drink in each one, sort of 'mini parties'!

Don't forget to decorate with them with gazebo lights
or balloons in your party theme.

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