Outdoor Birthday Party Themes for Kids Birthday Party Fun

Great weather calls for a celebration, and an outdoor birthday party is a great way to celebrate it. For kids especially, variations of outdoor party themes will keep them entertained and out of your hair and having fun all at the same time.

There are numerous themes that you can use, but there are some that are more fun than others. Just to give you some ideas, here's some outdoor birthday party themes that will leave your little guests entertained and happy.

Carnival outdoor parties

Giant Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit
Giant Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit
This is one of the most creative party theme ideas that you can use for an outdoors kids party. You are simply creating a festive carnival atmosphere, complete with interesting little rides, short shows, carnival treats and toys.

The décor for this kind of party is easy to come up with – most carnivals are centered on clowns and animals. Get creative and make it as interesting as possible. You might want to hire some professional help if you want to get all the rides in.

Make sure that you have safety proofed anything that can be a hazard. For snacks, get as much carnival food in as you can, and of course remember the cotton candy!

Pixie party

Garden Fairy Deluxe Party Pack
Garden Fairy Deluxe Party Pack
This is a great party to have in the long evening summer hours, just before twilight sets in. The theme is centered along fairies and a magical kingdom, so the décor for this needs good preparation in advance if you want to achieve the best effect.

Your menu can be a great compliment to the party too if you can get creative about how you serve ordinary snacks. They need to be magical, and they need to borrow from common stories that the kids know about. Get some magic beans in, some pumpkin snacks and any other foods that you can find in common fairy tales.

Detective outdoor parties

If you have kids older than 5 and who know how to sleuth, this is a great way for you to go. A detective party is one of the good party themes that you can use with kids who know how to read and understand short instructions.

All you need to do is come up with a few interesting mysteries for them to solve. They don’t have to be complex. You can have them looking for an imaginary lost dog or cat for instance. You can have them looking for treasure too.

Add clues and then have a few adults or older children helping them out with the clues. As you can imagine, the decorations will have to go along with the theme, so come up with creative décor that spells mystery.

You can have a dress code too – they can turn up as Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, or any other detective that they know about. You can create different mysteries by using several outdoor birthday party themes so long as they are all about detective work.

Water fun

Among children’s birthday party themes, there are few that beat this one for outdoor summer fun. Think sprinklers, the pool, waterbombs and water slides. Install your sprinklers so that the children can run round in the spray.

If you have a garden with a slopebuild a water slide. You will need

  1. Large length of tarpaulin or thick plastic to cover the slope
  2. A hose pipe
  3. Washing up liquid or hypoallergenic bubble bath if you have kids with sensitive skin

Lay the tarp or plastic over the slope, secure the hose pipe at the top so that water runs slowly down the slope. You can get an adult or older child to hold it too - this can be fun if they randomly spray the guests on their way down!

Keep the slope topped up with liquid soap to make the slope super slippery. The children then slide down the slope on their bottoms.

If you have a pool too, the older ones who know how to swim can go here. Leave a rest area that is dry, and have lots of towels and sun lotion at the ready. Don’t worry too much about the mess – it is meant to be like that.

Let the food and snacks be in a separate area that’s dry, and discourage them from eating in the water area as food can cause them to slip and hurt themselves. If you have pre-schoolers attending, get them a smaller pool for their own safe fun.

Four outdoor birthday party themes for kids birthday party fun that will leave the little ones happy and ready for bed on warm summer days. Prepare well in advance and if you need adult help in supervising a party, don’t hesitate to get it.

Make sure that everything is safe, and know where all children are at all times. You can have mixed outdoor party themes by the way if you are entertaining kids of different ages.

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