Old Timer Birthday Blows

by barbara

Trying To Blow The Candles Out
Gets Harder Every Year
Like Getting In And Out Of Bed
KickstartIng My Arse In Gear
My Teeth Don't Belong To Me
I Watch Them From Afar
That's If I have My Glasses On
And Can Find The Gosh Dang Jar

Mirrors They Say Don't Tell Lies
Who Knows If It's Really True
I Haven't Seen One In 20 Years
That Hasn't Blown A Secret Or Two
Pounds And Inches A Total Drag
And My Bladder's Feeling Blue
As It is My Once Trusty Bag
Cannot Hold All it Used To Do

Taking It With A Grain Of Salt
Ice Cream Cake And Given A Clue
The Number Of Candles Atop It All
Raised The Temperature In The Room
Well-Wishes Friends and Family
A Few Less Than The Year Before
Happened They Blew Out Their Candles
Huffing And Puffing On Heaven's Door


Out The Stinking Jar

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