My partner's 50th birthday coming soon...

by lucia

50th birthday ideas

50th birthday ideas


My partner's 50th birthday is on Monday 18th July, and we have already sorted out a present for him. I plan to give him breakfast in bed with rose petals scattered around as a surprise, if he doesn't get up and come down while I'm sorting it out that is. But wanted to give him a surprise birthday present too, any ideas please?

Hi Lucia,

so his birthday is on Monday, that doesn't give us a hole heap of time to arrange something!

You say you've already got him a gift, so there's no need for last minute shopping, which can always be a bit of a stress.

The forecast for London on Monday is rain so anything out doors would be a bad idea.

Why not treat him to trip on the London Eye? The Planetarium or some other tourist attraction, it would be fun to be a tourist in your own city for the day.

Organising a meal out with close friends or family is a nice way to celebrate a 50th birthday, it doesn't have to be anywhere too expensive.

If he doesn't have the day off work, then you can extend the rose petals to his car, for a romantic birthday surprise when he sets off to work. You could also arrange for a delivery of flowers to his work, although depending on his nature it may be embarrassing.

I think one of the nicest things you can do for some-one on their birthday is to bake them a cake. I do that for my husband every year, and he's always really touched that I've made the effort. Cookies would work just as well.

I hope you both have a great day!

Sophie x

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