my best friend is turning 12 and i have no idea of what to get her!

by Dana
(Kuwait, kuwait)

best friend gift

best friend gift

I know this might sound weird but my best friend is 2 yrs younger than I am. I'm 14 and she's turning twelve. She likes animals but she’s not allowed any pets.

She loves music and dancing but she already has a CD player and the newest iPod. She likes cool accessories but already has plenty. She also has many funky boxes to keep them in. She reads but i know 4 sure that she wouldn’t like a book as a gift.

I'm super confused about what to get her I mean she already has every thing!! and I cant take her out to the movies cuz we live in Kuwait (we're Arabs) and both our parents are really strict about going out -> I'm not allowed to go to the cinema with my friends if one of my parents doesn’t come along. so you see my parents are overprotective. I really need help.

Helle Dana,

thank you for contacting me with your dilemma. Best friend birthday gift ideas aren't always so easy are they? Especially when they seem to have everything already like your friend!

I would be tempted to get her something that represents your friendship.

  • Like a piece of best friend jewellery, or friendship bracelet.

  • Maybe a photo of you both in a nice frame, or in a keyfob.

  • A best friend mug, a useful gift that'll be used every day.

The card you give her and what you write inside it will probably mean just as much as a gift, and I bet she will keep it forever! Choose a card with a cute picture of an animal she likes, puppy, kitten, pony?and write a friendship poem in it. Something like:

You are my best friend,

Ill stick with you until the end,

our friendship means so much to me,

I want to tell you so you would see,

that friends like us were meant to be,

Happy Birthday

I have written a whole page on best friend birthday gift ideas here

I hope your best friend has a great birthday, and I'm sure she'll love what ever you give her.

Sophie x

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by: Anonymous

hey, Sophie, its me Dana. i just wanted to thank u for ur advice. ur website is great and what makes it greater is that u really reply and help whoever posts on ur website :) thnx alot

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