My Best Ideas for Mexican Birthday Celebrations

mexican birthday celebrations

How the Mexican birthday celebrations came to be...!

“Our Dave” asked us to host his party, and hoped we would come up with some original 40th birthday ideas to celebrate his milestone birthday.

We had the space and an infamous part throwing reputation (Our Halloween parties were legendary, but that's another website!)

After a little thought we came up with the idea of 'Mexican birthday celebrations'. The Mexican birthday ideas theme fitted well with food, drinks, fancy dress and decorations.

It resolved in one hit a lot of the usual birthday party dilemmas. What shall we eat? What to drink? Party decorations and of course what shall we come as? mexican birthday celebrations

Mexican Party Food Recipes

Mexican Parties lend themselves to a wide spread of great mexican foods.

Including quesadillas, taco's, tortillo's, burritos, guacamole dip, enchiladas, fajitas, chilli con carne, Click here for mexican party food recipes

Mexican Drink Recipes

The drinks were the really fun bit. Surprisingly I had an old mexican cooking magazine in the kitchen. In the back of this were some very authentic drinks recipes.

Buy some shot glasses they're an absolute must for Tequila slammers! Sangria, tequila, margaritas, mezcal, corona

mexican birthday celebrations

Click here for Mexican drink recipes

Mexican decorations were really easy. We managed to get the loan of, and I really can't remember where from, a giant Inflatable cactus

We blew up lots of red, white and green balloons and festooned the house with 40th birthday banners.

We had a large gazebo on the lawn and 'borrowed' straw bales to use as seating.

Fancy dress was optional, but I always like to make a party fancy dress. Some-one normally obliges and it adds such a lot of fun to the party.

Most people managed to find a Mexican hat, there was the odd poncho and a few Mexican moustaches. Which all added the overall party theme.

Well 'our Dave' had the time of his life at his 40th birthday party, and I have to say there were a few sore heads the next morning after all those tequila slammers!

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