Top 10 Male Birthday Gift Ideas

male gift ideas

Male Birthday Gift Ideas? Of course we want to buy them something special, but why do they have to be so difficult about it? You ask them what they want. They reply “nothing”. But you know that if you buy nothing that just won't do. So we have to play detective.

When it comes to buying gifts for guys, make them feel rich or useful and they'll be happy.

Perfect male birthday gift ideas do not exist. Each male is different. A joiner may love a new set of tools, a a musician something musical, or a golfer might adore a short golfing break. The important point is that your gift shows that you actually put thought into it.

Top 10 Male Birthday Gift Ideas

10. Sonic Scrubber

male birthday gift ideas

No it's not a woman! The SonicScrubber has been described as the Terminator’s toothbrush, and is the ideal tool for car or bike fanatics, being the ideal tool for eradicating ground in muck from wheeltrims to lawn mower engines. It's the perfect gift for anyone who wants to take the effort out of cleaning wheels, windows and interior mouldings.

9. Indoor Sky Diving!

For adventurous male birthday gift ideas, suprise that man in your world to an indoor skydive. All the thrill of sky diving with out having to actually launch yourself from an aeroplane. Fly supported in the worlds largest wind tunnel. Now thats got to be in our top 10 mens birthday gift ideas.

8. Record Music Converter

The Cassette Music Recorder is the must have gadget for any child born under the sign of 'cassette tape'. He attaches this to his pc, hooks up his cassette deck and is ready to transport his analogue music collection into digital age. The transfer of music on to his pc is made simple. He can then import it on to Itunes or burn a CD.

7. USB Gadgets

You wouldn't normally get excited about a new bus. If the bus in this case is a USB, I think you'll agree we're allowed to applaud in the multitude of USB gadgets that have transformed pc use. Peruse the useful and often very silly USB presents that can run on only the power of a pc.

6: Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

For the complete DIY enthusiast who still can’t put a shelf up straight! Inspire the man in your life and you just may not need to employ a professional ever again!

Top 5 Male Birthday Gift Ideas

5: 'Brew Your Own Beer' Starter Kit

In times of recession it’s time to get back basics with a Home Micro Brewery Kit. A gratifying drink is a treat, a delish beer he made himself lends a glow of achievement that just can’t be equalled. It’s the recession proof hobby with a thirst-quenching end.

4. Stylophone Beatbox

This cool and nifty beatbox is the new creation from the gurus that brought us the Stylophone. The wondrous Stylophone Beatbox

mens birthday gift ideas

Beat boxing hip hop was concieved in 1980s and is without argument an art! This cool looking gadget is the ultimate shortcut to an impressive performance of vocal percussion...

3: Bushtucker Weekend

In the cosseted, pampered world of today the nearest western males get to roughing it is watching old Rambo DVDs when the wife’s out at yoga. There’s no experience so rewarding though as stepping outside the comfort zone to build a shelter, or create fire with their own bear hands! Trueways Survival provide a variety of courses for all budgets (and levels of bravery). A basic course is pefect for those that haven’t tried anything more macho than watch the last 5 minutes of Bear Grylls before Sex And The City starts.

2. A Man Tool

A Man Tool - Screwdriver Set , Drill/Driver Kit, LeatherCraft Tool Bag, professional saw, gloves, alan keys, anything with a laser. Don't just buy him tools -- buy him tools his contractor would covet. Buy him something that -- even if he doesn't use it -- he'll love owning. Finally, when shopping for tools, remember this advice: "A cheap tool will perform like a cheap tool. Buy the best possible Tool Kit you can afford."

1. X-Mini Capsule Speaker

The X-Mini II Capsule Speaker male birthday gift ideas is a rebel in the world of minature audio-technology, finding the unequalled balance of pocket size portability and relentless quality of sound. The X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ has a patented extendable vacuum (what ever that is!) that replicas the reverberation of a subwoofer that produces explosive volume and bass over ten times its actual size! - WOW! As far as male birthday gift ideas goes, this is pretty cool!

If all else fails you can always buy him an Amazon Gift Card and he can buy what he likes!

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