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Last Minute Gift Ideas

So you've slipped up and need last minute gift ideas! With the best of intentions, we've all been there. That moment you realise you've forgotten the big day and it's too late to post anything. Thank goodness for modern technology and the internet!

There are many ways to make sure you remember a special date. In case you did forget, inspiring you to turn a near disaster into a success, here are some ideas for you.

Buy some time: Make up a believable excuse for why the gift isn't there on time. (car broke down, gift was stolen, random last minute crisis!) Get in touch on the day to show you haven't forgotten, with the promise of the gift on a specific date, and stick to it!

IOU note: Not the most original, but definitely the easiest. Hand deliver a card, send an email, phone or text, with a promise of an evening out, lunch or a day at the spa. Specify a date if you can, it makes it more of an event than just an IOU!

Local Ideas: Take a quick look in the high street of your local town for last minute gift ideas. What businesses are there that could provide you with an 'on the spot' gift voucher? Hairdresser, beauty salon, sports shop, cinema, restaurant.

Music or festival tickets: Again these can often be purchased locally. What's on at the local theatre or night spot? A look at my Facebook page would reveal that I like rock music, a quick scan of the local music venue show that a great AC/DC cover band are playing next month. Perfect pressie pronto!

Comedy Club tickets: Many towns now have local comedy club venues. What better gift than a really good laugh and evening of hilarity. You can pick the tickets up and hand deliver them same day.

Flowers: If you've remembered you've forgotten before 3pm! will deliver flowers for you the same day. So no-one will ever know you've left it until the last minute.

Lost in the Post: Ring them up and ask if they liked your gift, then act really surprised when they say it hasn't arrived yet!

On line gift vouchers: gift vouchers can be redeemed on thousands of gifts and products including flights, hotels, city breaks, theatre, spa & pampering, music, attractions, entertainment, gifts and experiences. Offering a huge choice of last minute gift ideas. The gift vouchers are immediately emailed to the recipient. All you need is your credit card and their email address. Do remember that the email may get diverted to their spam box, so do call and check they have received it.

Be prepared: Have a stash of various gifts put by for such an event. Naturally bought at a bargain price in the sales. Always keep a selection of birthday cards in the cupboard. Ensure there is always a bag of gift wrap or bags to hand. I save all my old wrapping paper to recycle on future gifts, green and economical.

Home Inspired: Have you anything at home, that would make a perfect gift? Something they've admired, that you can bear to part with?

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