Creative Kids Party Food Ideas and Tips

Kids party food ideas means finger sized food, so think small. Most kids will want to have a taste of everything, so making small portions saves on waste. Keep it simple, the kids will be to exited to take a lot of notice of the food. Make it colourful and visually interesting.

Prepare a selection of party goodies, and there are plenty of ideas below. Or you could stick to one type, such as baking several large pizza's (or take away!) followed by bowls of ice cream. Giant hotdogs followed by rainbow jelly.

Or really cheat like I did one year. I sent hubby out at the start of the party for 15 Burger King Kids Meals. They all got to choose whether they wanted chicken nuggets or a burger, and orange or black currant fruit shoot. The toy that came with the meal went in the party bag with a balloon and a slice of cake. This idea proved to be very popular with the kids, saved on preparation, washing up and was really quite cost effective. We even got 15 burger king crowns for party hats and 15 balloons. But I'm not sure if they still do these.

Marks and Spencer's thoughtfully supply kids party food to order. Their selection includes a selection of crunchy vegetables with a sour cream and chive dip: Mini hot pies: Mini Quiches: A classic fruit selection: They even do some wonderful personalised birthday cakes and even cupcakes.

However if you're set on putting on a good spread, there are some kids party food ideas below.

You can either lay out the food on plates for them to help themselves. Or serve in a happy-meal type box, many party suppliers sell these. You should allow at least 4 savoury and 3 sweet portions for each guest.

Savoury kids party food ideas

Mini Quiches

Mini Pizza or pizza fingers

Cheese straws and bread sticks

Tuna or cheese wraps cut into small slices

Tikka or southern chicken pieces

Chicken breast nuggets

Sandwiches cut into small triangles or shapes with a cutter. Multilayer the sandwiches, with three slices of bread instead of 2, to make them more interesting. Some ideas to include are chicken and bacon, cheese and cucumber, ham and tomato, lettuce and cream cheese.

Cucumber chunks

Carrot sticks with mayonnaise or hummus dip

Oven potato wedges

Hot dogs

Things on sticks!

Party kebabs look great and you can make a variety of different types. Ideas for foods to include are: chicken bites, sandwiches cut into small shapes with cutters, sausages, scotch eggs, cherry tomatoes, cheese squares or mozzarella balls, pepper chunks.

Include sausages, grapes, cheese, pineapple or a combination of any of these. Take care with small children and cocktail sticks.

Sweet kids party food ideas

Sweet kebabs – grapes, strawberry's, marshmallows, jelly sweets


Grapes, Tangerine or Clementine segments, strawberry's



Jam sandwiches cut into small triangles or shapes with a cutter

Jelly of course! Make your jelly with fruit juice for a slightly healthy version. Use clear plastic cups and layer several coloured jellies for an fun look.

Cup cakes, decorated in the theme of the party. Or butterfly cakes, these are very easy and fun to make. They can easily be made the day before.

Kids Party Foods Ideas Top Tip Decorate the table in the theme of the party and label each dish using the party theme

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