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Deciding on kids birthday party locations can take a little thought if your wanting something a little different. If you're child is very young, then most often they will be happiest at home with their best friends, some party food and of course presents. A large venue can be very overwhelming for many young children

However when your kids get a bit older, the idea of 10+ kids running around your house is a little daunting! Although we've had many successful parties at home, I have certainly relished the ones where you turn up, have fun, and leave the mess for some-one else to clean up!

There are many venues that are common kids birthday party locations. To name a few, swimming pool, bowling, laser quest, soft play centre. The beauty of these venues are that they will do the planning and clearing up for you. Many also provide invitations, party bags and cake. So all you have to do is send out the invites and turn up.

But if your looking for something different how about these kids birthday party locations.

Party Bus – some companies offer specially adapted party buses. These can be equipped with music, lights, karaoke and best off all, trained staff to get the party going with a swing. The beauty of this option is that they'll park right out side your house, school or play group. They can also provide the food, and will drive away with the mess at the end of the party. We saw one parked outside MacDonalds once! lists a number of UK providers of this

Children's Farm – Do you have a childrens animal farm nearby? These are well equiped to host a unique party. Most have a cafe, adventure play and of course lots of animals to look at and pet.

Build a Bear – the kids can make their very own Teddy Bear at a Build-A-Bear Workshop! They can choose, stuff, stitch, fluff and find some groovy clothes their new furry friend. Unless you have a large budget this is best for a small number of kids. birthday party locations for kids
Beach BBQ – somewhat weather dependant, but would make a really fun location. Great for inviting a large number of guests also. Organise a game or rounders, baseball or football. A sound idea for tiring them all out and not too much to clear up afterwards.

Beauty Salon – best for a small group. Many salons if you approach them would be happy to tailor a package for a small group of friends. My local salon organised a lovely afternoon for my daughter and her friends. They had a manicure and mini facial. The staff decorated the salon beforehand, and they allwent home with a balloon and nail varnish of their choice.

Picnic at the Park – You could organise a large gathering in a park. Plan some group games and ask every-one to contribute toward the picnic food. This is a good venue if you are inviting a large amount of people.

Castle – do you have a castle nearby? Would the owners be happy to put a package together for you? A sleep over would be really cool!

Night at the Museum – this came as a surprise to me, but many of the big museums hold sleep over nights. Contact your nearest to see what they offer. Sleeping with the dinosaurs would surely be a memorable party place.

Party at the Zoo – For a different and educational day out nothing quite beats a zoo for great kids birthday party locations. Most zoo's cater for party's.

The day would typically consist of a zoo tour and meet the keeper, Animal encounter, Arty activity, exclusive use of party rooms, Party bags & party food, Coffee, tea and refreshments for the adults, party games and music.

A key point to remember, when researching kids birthday party locations, is that places can get booked up well in advance. So plan and book well ahead.

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