Cool Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

Cool Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties - Book

By popular demand I wrote a book! Apparently you find it easier to read all about kids birthday parties in one place, rather than wasting precious 'parent time' trawling the internet.

Many of the party ideas available for free on this site have been rewritten and improved for the book, and I've also added a heap more.

You can read about

  • Cool Kids’ Birthday Party Locations from buses to castles, museums to a zoo party
  • Favors – Some great tips and alternative ideas for party favors and bags
  • Party Food – Easy to prepare party size finger food for little fingers
  • Drinks – fun and colourful kids party drink ideas
  • Party Games – all the old favorite party games and some new ones too
  • Party Themes – over 30 fab ideas for themes for your party
  • Outdoor Party Themes
  • Christmas Birthday Party Ideas – has it's own section by popular demand
  • Birthday Quickies – Quick Ideas for a Last Minute Kids Birthday Parties

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Over the years, I have found out that you can throw a great birthday party with a minimum budget, and even with minimum fuss. We've had some great kids’ birthday parties at our house. The most memorable were probably the cheapest!

My kids say it's who is there that's more important to them. If you're a working mum like me, you probably go by the most fun and the least hassle creed.It’s all about taking everyday ideas, and putting them together in a fun way to get a party going. There are lots of things that your family do every day that they love.

Your kid’s favourite cartoon, for instance, is a great way to give your child, and his or her friends, a great day that they will remember. What could be just another ordinary slumber party can be transformed into a magical night.

ideas for kids parties

"Cool Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties has got tons of practical and creative tips for how to host the perfect kids' party. Fantastic tried-and-tested party ideas - I want to steal some for great grown-up bashes, too - don't let the kids have all the fun!

"Whatever time of the year, age-range or personality of your child, you are sure to find everything you need to plan a party which your kids, and all their friends, will adore.

"This book take you right from fun ideas for a first birthday, through coping with the excitable years, and brilliant ideas to keep those difficult teens happy. Grown-ups aren't ignored, either, and are included with a special section.

"Lots of creative themes and practical ideas, to ensure you are well prepared for the party. And tips for making sure it all runs smoothly on the day.

"I found it a nice easy read. Good to dip into for inspiration, or read cover-to-cover to have the full arsenal of info ready for any (party-related) eventuality. Do your kids a favor - and read it before planning their special party!"

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