Who Wants Make Terrific Kids Birthday Cake Ideas?

kids birthday cake ideas

If you've seen my kids birthday cake ideas to date you'll already know I'm not a born baker.

So when I saw an advert for a Lorraine McKay sugar craft workshop locally I immediately signed up.

I know you really need a bit more inspiration than my puppy cake or the infamous chocolate hedgehog cake!

Scroll down to see how I got on...

Arriving at the workshop at 9.30 on Saturday morning I felt a bit under prepared. There were some professional looking cake makers, arriving with tool boxes full of intriguing cake making gadgets, from bone tools to ball tools, scallop and comb tools.

Certain they were a dab hand at kids birthday cakes I hid my newly purchased, still in the wrapper, carrier bag of modelling tools and Renshaw icing, under the table. (1st tip – don't store your icing in the fridge – it makes it very hard the next day!)

Our project was to make a little girl entitle 'Story Time', one of Lorraine's stunning cake designs for a kids birthday. Although it all looked rather daunting to begin with. Lorraine explained each section in easy to understand style. She demonstrated each piece first and then we copied in our 'own style'.

Learning the very basics, like working icing with CMC before use so it's smooth and pliable, and how to colour the icing were really useful to a complete beginner like me.

Practice really does make perfect. I had about 10 attempts at the arms before I was happy with them. Getting the limbs in the right proportions was probably the hardest, and I guess this comes with practice. kids birthday cake ideas The skirt was a dream to make. Just roll out the icing, cut into a circle, make it look a bit frilly and after cutting a hole in the middle, fitting it over the body to cover those tree trunk legs she'd ended up with!

We didn't quite have time to finish the girl during the class, so Abbie and I made a couple of bears at home, the big one's Abbie's. Isn't he cute?

I was delighted with my first attempt and have to admit that I think I may now be hooked on sugarcraft birthday cakes for kids.

Here's video from YouTube with some of Lorraine's designs.

And if you enjoyed that why not check out her online sugarcraft tutorials?

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