Great Ideas for 50th Birthday Present

Great ideas for 50th birthday present? Picking our birthday gifts is not always easy. No matter how well you know the person, it can be hard to come up with gift ideas. Specific birthdays are even harder. For instance the 30th or 50th birthdays are usually more meaningful, and the gift purchase is even more difficult.

Let’s look at some ideas for a 50th birthday present. Some of the following ideas will suit the birthday girl, while others are appropriate for either a man or a woman. You can tailor the suggestions to fit appropriately.

ideas for 50th birthday present

Gift ideas:

Purchase a newspaper that was printed on the recipient’s actual birthday date. That would be very unique. You might be able to find an old calendar from that year also. Antique records from that era would be great for a music lover.

Money gifts are other ideas for 50th birthday present. Go to your bank and get crisp new notes. If the gift is for a female you can put those notes into an elegant wallet or evening purse. You could also put the notes into a small jewellery box. If it is for a man, give him new coins in a black velvet pouch with his initials.

A work colleague recently turned 50, and we had a new £50 note framed. In case of 'emergencies!'

Fifty candy bars packaged in a beautiful gift basket, topped with a huge black bow, would be adorable.

If the birthday girl loves to go to get her nails done, then 50 pre-paid trips to the nail salon would be perfect.

You can special order M&M’s candy with the name and date and put them in a lovely crystal candy dish.

Jewellry is another idea for 50th birthday present. A heart charm engraved with the person’s name and birthday, or a string of 50 pearls, would be lovely.

Another idea for an unusual 50th birthday gift would be for the wine lover. Have a label made up with the recipient’s name and birthday. Put the label on a £50 bottle of wine, or the person’s favorite wine.

Be creative and write a poem about the person. Make it serious or funny, but make it from the heart. Burn a CD with the top songs from the birth year of the recipient.

Special 50th birthday gifts can be as unique, creative and individual as your own imagination. Make your gift extra special, geared toward the recipient and from the heart with love.

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