I want a dance party for my 12th birthday party...

by juli
(miami, FL)

I want a dance party for my 12th birthday party, but I don't have a dancefloor or big speakers at my house. Should I rent a dancefloor space and a Dj? Where should I do it? (I live in Miami), but I want it to be cool and different!

Hi Julie,

that sounds like a great idea. I'm sure it'll be a big hit with your friends!

First of all I would say that a DJ is an absolute must, as they'll be experieinced with a variety of dance party themes, and will have all the top dance party songs. (Have a look at this website http://www.hiphopdjmiami.com/ or http://www.360mix.com/)

If you hire a dj you won't need to worry about speakers or equipment, they'll bring all that and set it up themselves.

If you are on a tighter budget, ask around. Do any friends or family know any-one who would make a good DJ for the night?

The next stage of your dance party ideas would be finding somewhere to have it. Do you have a good friend or relative with the space? Know any-one with a large garage that you could decorate??

Failing that you'd need to hire somewhere, may be your DJ could help you with this, they'll know all the party places to suit a range of budgets!

Local sports clubs can often be a good place to have a 12th birthday party. Plenty of space for dancing, they will normally have a bar for soft drinks and refreshemnts, and can be quite cheap to rent.

You'll need to do a little detective work and ask around. Consider a few options, don't jump at the first one!

I hope this have given you some ideas, it would be lovely if you could let us know how your dance party went, and maybe send some pictures.

Have a great time!

Sophie x

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