How to make birthday cake the easy way!

This is a guide on how to make birthday cake the easy way, for those of us not blessed in the baking department!

No it's not cheating, it's still been created by your own fair hands. I'm going to start with an easy no bake kids cake. Fraser, my son, helped me with this and it was really funny, we had a fit of the giggles and nearly gave up half way through. In the end we were pleased with the result! We hope you enjoy our birthday cake pics.

How to make birthday cake

Puppy birthday cakes

You will need the following

A cake board or plate to put it on

2 swiss rolls

A block of icing ready to roll plus icing for dusting

Food colouring of your choice

Chocolate buttons for the spots

M&M's for the eyes

A small tub of butter icing (you can buy this from the supermarket)

1.First for how to make birthday cake the easy way get all the ingredients together and your wash hands!

2.Take a ball of icing for the heads, colour this by working in a few drops of food colouring with your hands. Kneading like dough. Once it's rolled into a round ball cut it in half. This makes the 2 heads. Set these to one side.

3.Divide the remaining icing into 2. You can leave them both white or colour 1 or both however you like/ Use liquid food colouring and knead it into the icing to get an even colour.

How to make a birthday cake

4.Roll out the icing to about 1/8 inch thick. You'll need to dust the surface and the rolling pin so it doesn't stick. Keep checking it'll lift off the surface. Cut into a square to fit over the swiss roll. We found this a bit tricky and it easiest to lay the icing over the swiss roll like a blanket and cut around the bottom. Then cut strips up the side to represent hair.

5.Repeat this with the other puppy

6.Next stick on the faces with a spoon of butter icing

7.Cut out a 'fringe' from the icing and stick this on

8.Next decorate each puppy with chocolate buttons, you may need to fix each one with a dot of butter icing.

9.Use M&M's for the eyes

10.Add candles, light and sing happy birthday!

How to make birthday cake

OK, so it's no work of art! It was great fun to make and will be remembered longer than any shop bought one. It's special because we made it, and it tasted great too! Have a go it's easy and fun.

I will continue to add our easy homemade birthday cake ideas to this site. If you have other ideas of how to make birthday cake, or even a picture of the puppy cake you made, I'd love to see them. This page is just for amateur homemade cakes, no professional creations allowed! Go and enjoy your cake creating...!

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