Top 20 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Our homemade gift basket ideas make personal and thoughtful gifts. The beauty of them is you can tailor them to your own budget. Making your own gift food baskets or a themed basket is more personal, you can tailor it exactly so that everything will be enjoyed and appreciated.

Food baskets need to be non-perishable, unless you can make it up just before giving and you know it'll go straight in the fridge. Colour theming the basket can be attractive too.

Note your homemade gift basket ideas down as you think of them. Think about the person you're giving it to and build it around their hobbies or interests, or even a theme you know they'll enjoy.

For example, for my daughters 13th she had a sleep over. So I made a girls night in basket filling it with things themed on movies and sleep overs. A chick flick DVD, pop corn, tortilla chips, face packs, nail varnish, luxury hot chocolate and marshmallow kit, new PJ's.

Plan ahead and you can often find really good sale bargains to add to baskets at a later date.

Find a basket (doesn't need to be a basket!), line with tissue paper or paper strips and fill it with goodies. Wrap it in cellophane and top off with a bow or some ribbon, and you have the ideal gift, specially prepared for your relative or friend.

Chinese Take away start with the wok as a basket, you can add rice bowls, chopsticks, oriental spices and sauces, soy sauce, good quality rice, noodles, fortune cookies, and a Chinese cook book

Curry Lovers find a good size attractive dish or tray that would be used again, and fill with curry pastes, coconut milk, masala spices, fish/meat rubs, spices, balti dishes, karma sutra! Pickle tray, Indian cook book

Moroccan Feast a tagine makes the base of your basket, then fill with spices, cook book, olives, olive bowls, cous cous, mint tea, cook book

Green fingered gift basket for those gardening lovers, fill an attractive planter with gardening gloves, secateurs, soil testing kit, garden ornament, gardening book. You can make the book specific to the receiver for example growing vegetables or container gardening. Hand cream (for afterwards!)

Bird Lovers Fill a bird bath with birdie treats such as a bird nester, bird feeder, bird feed, book on gardern birds, binoculars,

Pasta gift basket Pasta bowls, olives, olive bowls, good quality or novelty pasta, such as black squid ink pasta, or those with large colourful shapes, parmasan cheese for grating, black pepper grinder, bottle of wine, olive oil/flavoured oils, dark chocolates, italian coffee, panattone, truffles

Diet and health basket for those watching their diet what better gift than a basket full of diet treats! Add granola, dried fruit, nuts, green tea, cereal bars, a health magazine, perhaps an exercise dvd or a pedometer.

Diabetic basket If your receiver is diabetic, what better way to send a personal gift, than fill a lovely basket with a mouthwatering selection of diabetic goodies, alcohol free wine. Thorntons do great diabetic chocolates. There are also some good diabetic recipe books around.

Gluten free hamper you may know some-one who has to follow a gluten free diet for medial reasons, or they may just choose to. Fill your basket with treats such as gluten free pasta, cake, biscuits beer and top off with a gluten free cook book.

Organic Food Gift Basket Many people like to choose organic food for health or ethical reasons. An organic food gift basket makes a wonderful happy birthday gift. Things to include could be : Organic tea towel, organic wine, organic fairtrade coffee, organic chocolate. You may like to add a few non food items such as skin care or bath products.

Pamper hamper homemade gift basket ideas full of lovely things to spoil your recipient. Chocolates, wine, lovely bath products, the latest chick flick, copy of Cosmo or their favorite mag...

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