Happy Bornday S-pfom!

by Your Pfom, Kerri



Pfom, you've been my RIGHT hand for a long time now and I couldn't imagine my life without you. You've been more than a friend; you're my sister, my family and though I wish I could be there celebrating with you, I am always with you in spirit.

Thanks for being the best(est) friend a girl could ever ask for. The memories we have created so far are priceless and I look forward to creating a LIFETIME of memories with you.

I appreciate you and I love you so much (even if you have a "trick" microwave...lol!)

On this AMAZING day,I want to wish you an abundance of blessings and joy and to remind you that you are always surrounded by LOVE (near and far). You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank YOU for being in my life.

Happy Happy Happy Bornday!

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