How many ways can you think to sing happy birthday songs?

Singing Happy Birthday Songs is a very important part of our birthday traditions.

It helps make a birthday truly special when we sing with love to our friends and family.

Birthday songs should be sung with verve, vigour and confidence - eek - easier said than done...

But don't worry, I'm here to help...

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On this page I've got ideas to help you:

  • Sing with confidence
  • Find alternative lyrics for birthday songs
  • Send FREE musical birthday cards
  • Send a FREE funny Happy Birthday song
  • Play Happy Birthday on a push-button phone
  • Learn how to play Happy Birthday
  • Learn how to sing Happy Birthday in another language
  • Get inspired with fun and creative birthday ideas
child singing a happy birthday son

What normally happens when we try to sing a special birthday song is that we all dread it...

The majority of us can't sing for toffee.

And no-one is ever quite sure when to come in!

And then we're all off key...

And it's really sooooooooo embarrassing!

Do you cringe, too, when it's time to break into song?

Well, you could embark on some last minute singing lessons, or enlist the help of a cute child prodigy...

But here's a better idea...

Why not take control of the situation, and add an element of surprise with a funny happy birthday song, instead?

Here are a few alternative birthday song lyrics to try. You could even get creative and make up your own.

Or you could...

Send a Singing Birthday Card

Use the power of the web and send them their very own happy birthday singing video.

It's a powerful way to say you care - without exposing your own singing skills (or lack of!)

I've carefully crafted these free musical birthday cards for you, in electronic format.

There's loads to choose from - whether you want comedy, cute or just good ole fun...

Click here to send one of my free singing birthday e-cards... with easy copy and paste links.

Do come back and let me know your favorite.

Click on Colin the birthday-cat, below, to hear him sing...

Colin the singing cat - funny happy birthday songs, musical birthday cards

Want to do your own 'caterwauling'? Here's a great idea...

Learn How to Play Happy Birthday Songs

Want to sing a special birthday song in person?

Can you play the guitar, piano or even recorder? Happy Birthday Songs always sound better when accompanied by an instrument...

And it's a perfect idea if you aren't so confident in your singing voice.

Gather a few friends together for an impromptu performance - it's much more fun - and a great giggle for everyone.

Why not get yourself some Happy Birthday sheet music and give it a whirl.

Learn to Play Happy Birthday on the Piano

Brush up on those rusty old skills and tinkle the ivories.

It doesn't matter if you've never played piano before - you can still learn how to play Happy Birthday on the piano, without too much trauma...

Learn How to Play Happy Birthday on the Piano Today - My Video Tutorial.

Learn to Play Happy Birthday on the Recorder

Here's yours truly on her Youtube debut.

I take you through everything you need to know, to play your happy birthday songs on the recorder.

Even if you've never played the recorder before it's pretty easy to get a tune from, and cheap to buy too!

Learn How to Play Happy Birthday on the Recorder Today - My Video Tutorial.

Learn How to Sing Happy Birthday in a Different Language

happy birthday songs

These days it's a small world.

Wouldn't it be a special thing to sing happy birthday to some-one in their native language?

This is the perfect way to show how much you care...

And yes, it can be done pretty easily...

Happy Birthday in Japanese

Did you know? Happy Birthday is actually sung in English in Japan.

However, don't miss your chance to do something different and learn how to sing Happy Birthday in Japanese.

You can also find out lots of interesting and fun facts about celebrating birthdays in Japan.

NEW: Learn How to Sing Happy Birthday in Hawaiian

NEW: Learn Happy Birthday in Spanish

Let me know which other languages you would like to learn how to sing Happy Birthday in - or which countries you would like to learn about their birthday customs.

Get a Giggle with a Funny Happy Birthday Son

Everyone loves a funny happy birthday song.

And I have a great collection on here. Starting with my own coolest Birthday-cat, Colin....

Click the link to hear Colin sing a funny happy birthday song. Cute, huh?

Or hear our very own Raving Dave do hilarious comedy versions of Happy Birthday

Choose high-pitched or low-pitched Raving Dave - which do you prefer?

Love Star Wars?

Watch Darth Vader lose his dignity with his very funny rendition of Happy Birthday...

Cheeky Monkey?

I've got a very cheeky monkey to wish a cheery Happy Birthday to someone special...

Or a perky meerkat....

Cute and cuddly?

Cute cats and cuddly teddy-bears for a precious birthday wish...

Make Someone Smile on their Birthday

Send one of these funny Happy Birthday songs for FREE...

Get them all here - for FREE

Play Happy Birthday on the Telephone

This is a great happy birthday idea - I was thrilled when I discovered it.

And absolutely no singing required!

Use a push button phone to play happy birthday down the phone.

  • Dial the person you want to wish happy birthday to
  • When they pick up or when the answer machine kicks in, push the buttons in the following sequence: 1,1,2,1,#,6 1,1,2,1,#,3 1,1,#,#,8,4,1 #,#,6,4,2,1

Practice it first, but watch you don't ring any-one by mistake!

More Ideas for Happy Birthday Songs

  • Download an MP3 to your mobile phone or PC and sing along to that.
  • Or you could pre-record a group of you singing and play that on your mobile phone
  • Lots of famous people have done Happy Birthday songs. Think of Marilyn Monroe and that famous Happy Birthday moment - you could recreate it for your very own special someone.
  • Do you need lyric ideas? Try Stevie Wonder, Andrew Bird, Flipsyde, Carly Simon, Tony Christie and even the Simpsons! Google it and see what you find.
  • Send a special Happy Birthday poem instead - this one is perfect for kids - or any adult cat in the hat fans (I know you're out there!) There are lots more birthday poems and birthday verses, here...

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