Happy Birthday Poems

We ran a contest  to find a selection of great original happy birthday poems. Here's some of the best below. Feel free to use them, but please credit the author if you use them on the web and remember to give us a link back - thank you :)

*Contest Winner*
My Wish For Your Birthday

by Lee Rowley
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Where do I start…?
You’re so young at heart!
You’re generous, patient and kind.

You’re loving and giving,
A whole lot of fun!
You’re respected, you’re loyal and true.

You’re all that I’ve dreamed of
You’re all that I want!
You deserve all the best life can give!

And today is you’re day
And I’d just like to say
That my wish for your birthday’s immense!

Cast your dreams to the stars
Live your life, travel far
And may love always fill up your heart.

Happy Birthday Poem


Happy birthday <3
Although I haven’t known you many years,
Perhaps because you’ve dried so many tears,
Pleasure reigns as I these greetings send.
Your happiness should last till all things end!
Because you’ve been so sweet and understanding–
In toughest times you’ve made me laugh and smile–
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile:

This I’m not requesting but demanding!
How else to make yourself the celebration,
Doing what does not come naturally?
Always your concern has been for me,
Yet now you must endure my adoration!



It has been a very long wait,
And now is your birthday to celebrate.
Make a wish as special as your day,
For all things good are meant to happen on your birthday.
Desires of beautiful and lovely things,
Will take flight with their wonderful wings.

Dorothy, Do You Remember?

by Dorothy
(Effingham, IL USA)

D-O-R-O-T-H-Y spells Dorothy
She's our new little baby sister.
You really ought to come
And meet her mister.

D-O-R-O-T-H-Y it true,
She's so sweet, and petite
Really neat, Come and meet
Dorothy, that's who.


Birthday Blessings

by Bethanny Ramsey
(Grand Blanc,MI)

Today is the day that changed it all;
I have watched you grow up through the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall;

You are so strong, so smart, so bright;
When you smile your grand eyes contain such light;

To the forthcoming hours, days, and years that you shall tread ;
Today is your Birthday and many blessings are ahead.

Birthday Thanks

by Karen M
(New York, USA)

Of all the days, in all the years, that I have lived with you
This is the day you came into my life, (I created you its true)
None mean more than this one day, more special than the rest
Your birthday is of all the days, the one that I love best

I carried you, in many ways from one place to another
And on this day, your special day, I'm so proud to be your mother
Happy Birthday my sweet boy, may your day be filled with laughter
I know that every day I spend with you is MY happy ever after.


by Ada Cruz-Pierre
(Miami, Florida)

I held my breath when they placed you in my arms
I felt my heart beat to a different rhyme

I counted your fingers and toes before we brought you home
I changed your first diaper all on my own

And to my surprise with those big brown eyes
You made me feel like I was a pro

When you turned to look at me
I was always by your side

When I saw you rise onto your hands in knees
I knew then that I can breathe

Happy Birthday to me!

by Maureen
(Allentown, PA)

Whoa tomorrow I'll be 53
Happy Birthday to me
My kids are too busy to bake
So I bought a birthday cake

Wow I made it to 53
Happy Birthday to me
My husband can't be beat
He'll get Chinese food, a treat!

Did I mention I'm 53
Happy Birthday to me
New Years Eve a great day
Everyone celebrates my birthday!

Today is for you

by Nicole

Today is extra special and so are you
Today brings such happiness just like you
Today is a celebration especially for you
Today is your birthday and comes with love from me to you

A Birthday Ditty

by Rebecca
(Miami, FL)

Today is your day
Your birthday at last
A year of good and bad tidings
But they're now all in the past

Today we celebrate you
and the great things you've done
We'll all toast to your health
And the good times to come.

Simple & Sweet

by Laura
(Good Thunder, MN )

Candy, cake and cookies more -
Ice cream, soda, and presents galore -
Candles lit and smiles all round' -
Tis' to thee we wish the best Birthday in town!

My Angel

By Anon

Happy birthday to you
You are my boo
You look like an angel
and you kiss like one too.

Warm Glow

by Fran Eoannou
(Amherst, NY (USA))

A warm glow representing years ago
The gathering of melancholy friends
to say hello
Candles soon to be silenced by one
hefty blow
One remembers all those years ago
The signal of new beginnings has
now cast its spell of an inner glow.

Birthday Wish

by John Hutchens
(north pole alaska)

A birthday wish from me to you
sweet kisses
from head to toe
Someday you will know
I loved you so
the minute you said hello

Birthday Love

by Lisa LaMountain
(crete, il, usa)

Birthday love and birthday cheer,
It rings throughout your joyful ears,
Counting candles and singing cheery.
Feeling valued and being silly.
This day is for you.
The day your life began.
The day your parents became your biggest fan. This time is centered around you!
Enjoy it and live it full swing.
Happy birthday to you!
Enjoy your cake and eat it too!
Make a wish... Feel the love.
Be everything you want to be.
Take a leap, continue your journey!
Today the world wishes you a very happy birthday!

Your Birthday Poem

by Melissa Leinart
(Clinton, TN, USA)

On this day we celebrate
Your special day

The very time and date
We just want to say

How special you really are
And how much we love you

Today and everyday you are the star
In anything and everything you do

Happy Birthday to you

Birthday Bliss

by kristina
(wasilla, ak)

Birthday Bliss
So nice to get a kiss
Watch for the cat
She might give a hiss
Blow out your candles
Wish for no love handles
But first make a wish
Then eat a yummy dish!


by Fran Eoannou
(Amherst, NY (USA))

Candles atop my birthday cake
Awaiting a kindle to catch a break
Make a wish, blow out the candles
Eat all the cake you can handle

Happy Birthday, Child (to my Gwendolyn)

by Stephanie G.
(Venice, Florida, USA)

Happy Birthday, Child,
eyes bright and wild,
a day like no other,
you made me a mother.

Your life is a new start,
the beat of a new heart,
fists clutched so tight,
not much sleep tonight,

I wish I could show you,
the ways I will know you.
My heart has come undone,
I now belong to someone.

I hold you so tightly,
and will I nightly,
you are my new sunshine,
and noon-time, and nigh-time.

You brought tears to my eyes,
with the sound of your first cries
I am blessed beyond measure,
our hearts, always tethered.

Happy Birthday, Child,
Eyes-always be wild,
My precious, sweet daughter,
From a blessed, thankful, Mother.

Happy First Birthday

by Dorothy Barborek
(Effingham, IL USA)

A baby came to our house to stay some time ago.
He brought with him the sunshine, and we learned to love him so.
He's a curly-haired cutie, with a twinkle in his eye
And a dimple in his cheek; and he's so nice.

With his ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes,
Two tiny ears and a little turned-up nose
It's his first birthday and we still think of him as small
He's growing fast and walking; he doesn't want to crawl.

Asleep he's like an angel, Awake he doesn't fuss.
We've been so very happy, since God gave him to us.
We wish you happy birthday and many, many more.
Because you are the child that we love and adore.

60 THE NEW 50

by Pamela Flynn
(Fort Worth, Texas United States)

Since I just turned 60
not too long ago,
My hair is grayer
don't you know.
But my birthday song
will be sung each day,
Cause I'm really 50
in my heart today.
So Happy Birthday to me,
and to the years to come,
I'll be singing this ballad
til I'm 101.

The Day Your Were Born

by Megan
(Las Vegas,nv,United States)

It once was your birthday
the day you were born
the most important day may i tell you
the best day ever
the day it is today
the day you were born _ years ago
so thank your parents for this day
live the life you want
happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday!

by Jean Vehanen
(San Diego, CA, USA)

This is the day of your birth.
You have given us much mirth.
Stay as sweet as you are.
You are our lucky star.

My Poem

by Cassandra (va)

You're my love
My child from above
Sent to me by love and faith
I will be with you all of my days

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