Happy Birthday Plates

by Tim

Happy Birthday Plates

Happy Birthday Plates

Happy Birthday Plates make a wonderful birthday gift especially for baby's first birthday, that can be used every single year again and again.

A great gift for baby or new Moms. Use the pen in the box for every-one at the first birthday party to sign the back of the plate for a truly unique gift and treasured family birthday traditions.

If you're planning to start a Happy Birthday plates tradition then think of purchasing a special plate such as the Happy Birthday Plate by Waechtersbach.

Perfect for commemorating a milestone or a quiet celebration, designed and crafted to be a family birthday heirloom, and comes complete with pen to write a special birthday messages on the back.

Make the Happy Birthday plate a tradition in your family.

Tim Says

We used to have a table setting for one that was only brought out on somebody's special day usually a birthday, but also on other celebrations such as a graduation or other achievement.

The "person of the day" ate dinner off the special plate. While visiting my father recently, I asked how the special plate tradition got started because, quite frankly, it seemed a little silly and not something either of my parents would come up with.

He explained to me that it had been a birthday tradition in his family as far back as he could remember and didn't know how it started.

One year my paternal grandparents came to visit and would still be staying with us during my mother's birthday. It must have been early on because I don't remember this particular birthday. My grandmother made a huge deal about the wonderful, special gift they had gotten for my mother.

According to my father she couldn't stop talking about it and really played up this spectacular gift -- my grandmother had a tendency to get carried away.

Well, on my mother's birthday, with much anticipation, she opened the wonderful, spectacular gift. It turned out to be a special plate for my mother to carry on the birthday traditions in her family.

My mother, a classy lady I've been without for 18 years now, played it off like a champ. She got excited with my grandmother and put the special happy birthday plates away to await the next birthday.

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