🎉Happy Birthday, Meg 💖💕

by Donna Cotleanu-Vassallo
(Brisbane, Australia)

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Victor Harbour, South Australia

20 years ago we met,
We were both in our late teenage years,
So carefree and live joyfully,
Who would've thought we could still be here.

Talking and chatting still,
Close friends through mountains and seas.
I always miss you so,
If only we could live so close.

On this day, my friend..
I wish you the health and the wealth,
May success be with you always,
And the family's love accompany you to eternal life.

We both have gone so far,
May we continue to grow together from afar.

Hope we shall meet again someday,
For now we'll continue talking this way.

Love ya, dearest friend.


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