Happy Birthday Love♥

by Brandy
(Los Angeles, California)

Oh Joshua;♥,
Explaining why i love you is like explaining how to breathe, impossible. To be honest with you the first time i met you i never knew you would be this special to me. Your my everything<3. "I'm the girl who worries as you walk out the door. The girl who will stand by you through whatever. The girl who is proud to call you mine. I'm the girl who loves you with her whole heart♥♥." "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice; But falling in love with you was beyond my control." "They try to pull us apart, but no matter how hard they try, we will always grow that much stronger♥." "Yeah i talk to other guys, laugh with other guys, hug other guys, but none of them mean what you mean to me." "It's amazing how you can awlways make me laugh, no matter what." "& yes, we are the defenitiion of love♥." "Baby we go together like Oreo's and milk." Happy Birthday to you my love,♥♥. I hope today and everyday is full of happiness for you. Don't forget i love you, you and only you.♥

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