Learn Happy Birthday In Japanese Right Now

Have you ever wondered how to sing happy birthday in Japanese? Well it surprised me to find out that Happy Birthday is normally sung in English in Japan and not Japanese – with a Japanese accent usually!

However as there are so many requests to learn it, this video shows to how to sing happy birthday in Japanese. Amaze your friends and learn to sing this.

"Otanjyobi" means "Birthday" in Japanese. "Omedetou" means "Congratulations" in Japanese. I know it sounds funny, but that's how we say "Happy Birthday" in Japanese -- "Birthday Congratulations." And we don't say "to you." Well, if we have to translate, we can say "Anata ni." means, "you, to." But it does not sound natural. So, I just repeated "Otanjyobi Omedetou." And I use "Koma-chan" as someone's name.

Phonetically this would be pronounced

Anata ni o tanjō-bi omedetō,
Anata ni o tanjō-bi omedetō,
Omedetou Aisuru (name).
Anata ni o tanjō-bi omedetō.

And if you wanted to write it in Japanese you would do it like this...

Writing Happy Birthday with Japanese symbols on the cake would really make their day.

You could also copy these symbols into a birthday card to wish them happy birthday.

Whilst searching for Japanese birthday traditions I was again surprised.

The traditional birthday is not really celebrated in Japan.

Many people don't even bother with cards!

However the western birthday celebrations are widely accepted in Japan, and if you wanted to throw a party with a Japanese theme a Cherry Blossom Party would fit the bill perfectly.

Cherry blossom is widely associated with japan. Infact for 2 weeks in April when the cherry blossoms are flowering it's quite and event, every-one goes crazy taking pictures and throwing parties.

Cherry Blossom Parties are known as Hanami in Japan

Japanese Lanterns

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