Perfect Gifts For a 70th Birthday

70 year old with gifts on her birthda
It can be confusing to choose gifts for 70th birthday. This person has been around for 70 years, and very likely, they have had their birthday celebrated every year.

They must have received birthday gifts with each birthday celebration that they had. Fine, they may never have got that long wished for Ferrari , but what can you get them that wont cost you a ton of money, that they will appreciate and that will make them feel special?

As you choose any kind of gift for anyone, it is always important first and foremost to think of the kind of person they are. Yes, they are turning 70, but even their 70th birthday card needs to reflect that you understand them.

If they are the sanguine, extroverted type, you go for that. If they are the opposite, then you should something more fitting, something that they can identify with.

There are a lot of gifts for 70th birthday that you can come up with that will not leave a hole in your pocket, especially today when money is not so easy to come by as before. This person is ageing, so one of the things that you have on your side is the fact that they need to get things done easier for them.

If, for example they live alone and have no help, it’s the perfect time to buy them a new electronic gadget that’s easy to operate and that takes the work off their hands. Such as a Smooth Touch Can Opener, or an Amplified Photo Phone perfect for those who's site and hearing isn't what it used to be.

Consider a washer dryer as a 70th birthday gif
Imagine if you bought them a Washer Dryer Combo?? Wouldn’t that almost take the laundry off their hands?

There are a great many other 70th birthday ideas that you can come up with. Some of them involve great trips down memory lane. You want to keep it simple of course. How about finding out the music that this person loved best when they were in their teens and then going after the album for them?

If you can get a poster of the musician and have it framed, that is going to give it more spice. You can get a collection of family photos or videos put together, those of happy, silly, crazy moments that this person had with friends and loved ones and make it such that they can watch it whenever they want. Nothing beats a great trip down memory lane, especially one that comes with a laugh.

Some of our loved ones who are turning 70 are not in the very best of health, and that’s another great source of ideas for gifts for 70th birthday. How about, if you can afford it, paying for medication, through insurance, for a certain period of time, or offering to be the one to check on them every few days, or even being the one to do those hospital runs whenever they are needed?

True, this sounds like a family obligation, but we all know that there are many people who are 70, sick, have family but no support. If you can find a way of presenting this as a gift, you have just hit the mark – you are giving them back what they gave, life, especially if they are family.

People who are turning 70 are well aware that they are past the ¾ mark in their life, and that for most, is a time of great reflection about how their life was spent and how they lived and loved.

Your gifts for 70th birthday should be an expression of your understanding of this, but be subtle abut it. You want them to know that they are appreciated and that they are loved unconditionally, but don’t make a loud statement of it – don’t remind them how old they are but acknowledge that they have been around for that long and for you, that has made a difference in your life.

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