Gift Ideas for Teens

Finding completely unique and awesome gift ideas for teens can be hard if they already own the latest gadget or your just tired of all the video games.

We think it's time to get inspired and help your teen express themselves. Let out their individuality, interests and accomplishments.

HL Carvings can do that and light up your teens eyes! They design and craft LED lighted silhouettes. Illuminating inspiration.

By showcasing their favorite sport or hobby such as snowboarding, skateboarding or adding to their love of fairies, sea creatures or dragons, HL Carvings can turn their room into a reflection of their personality with these uniquie teen gift ideas.

Whether modern or classic the lighted wall art can instantly add so much energy, that it can completely change the mood. Need to lift your spirits? With some fast paced light jumpin music or relax with soft colors slowly flowing into each other, you can do that with the push of a button. Having control like this is a lot of fun. HL Carvings creates three different functions of wall silhouettes.

The simplest single colored light line let's you choose your favorite color to glow. Just plug in for a cheerful ambient light or energy efficient nightlight.

The second line is the color effects series. These silhouettes come with a wireless remote that lets you switch colors, strobe, fade or flash all colors. It is an interactive toy for your walls. Kids and adults alike will enjoy picking and choosing their favorite effects.

Now for the ultimate line. If there's one thing you can guess a teen likes, it's music. The music activated lighted silhouettes have all the options of the color changing series along with a remote but also includes a built in sound sensor. Adjustable to frequencies of different types of music, this line changes colors to the beat of the song. It transforms your room into a private light show. How cool is that? Check out the video below for a demo...

Also no worries on energy consumption because all our products are LED lighted. LED's use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting and they last 10x longer. That's why it's a perfect choice for a nightlight. These lighted silhouettes really are the coolest gift for any age due to the many different designs available. From cute dolphins to cutting edge bio hazard symbols, we have everyone in mind, and are especially fab gift ideas for teens.

Teenagers are one of the most difficult to shop for, but you're sure to find  perfect teen gift ideas at HL Carvings...

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