Top 10 Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Stuck for gift ideas for teenage boys? No idea what to get for your teen guy ? To make that birthday a truly happy birthday, here are my top 10 gift ideas for teenage boys. For boyfriend, brother, son, that cute guy in the mirror, or any other teenager.

gift ideas for teenage boys

10. Adventure Experience

First up in my top 10 gifts for teenage boys is ADVENTURE. Guys are always up for a bit of adventure. From safari to scuba diving, Karting to canoeing. And … they're never too grown-up to play soldiers! Escape exploding bullets, gun down the enemy, creep through the under growth to find the opposition. Paintballing is great fun, it’ll test their endurance, quick thinking, leadership and teamwork.

9. A Mini Fridge

At number 9 in my gift ideas for teenage boys, their very own Mini Fridge Cooler Stocked with drinks and the odd bar of chocolate. What more could a teen ask for!

gifts for teeneage guy

8. SpokeLit

Clip these clever little devices onto your bike wheels, and not only do they look exceptionally cool but they make the bike visible. Click SpokeLit LED Safety Light for Bike Wheels on and start pedalling. This is more about being seen on the roads than resembling an extra from Blade Runner, but there's nothing wrong in looking cool too! At number 8 in gift ideas for teenage boys

7. Stylophone Beat box

Is this the gift that's too much fun? From the makers of the Stylophonecomes this nifty little hip Stylophone Beatbox In the same way as you played the Stylophone , you use the stylus to make different percussion sounds, from bass drum to hi-hat.There's 3 different modes, percussion, beat boxing and then bass tones. You can create a loop so you can improvise over your previously recorded sounds. Great fun, highly addictive. Buy several and start an orchestra!

6. Wireless MP3 Sun Glasses

gifts teenage boys

A great new invention that brings together coolness and music.The controls are on the arms of the blue tinted lenses, with a USB cord to download the songs from the PC. A full charge (from mains or cigarette lighter) gives around 5 hours play. With these 4GB MP3 sunglasses . your teen can sun bathe, bike or hike without a wire in sight listening to all their favourite tunes. A worthy number 6 in my cool gifts for teenage boys guide

5. A (pop up) Tent

Young men love camping and the adventure of the out doors. Invest in one of those Pop Up Tent that puts itself up in 10 seconds. No fiddling with knotted bits of string, fiddly poles or random flappy parts. all you do is take it out of its bag, pop it open, and peg down the corners. Excellent for camping trips, fishing, festivals or simply sleeping out in the back garden with their mates.

4. Beatbox Beanie

At number 4 in my top 10 gifts for teenage boys. Another cute musical invention. If the sun isn't out and they'd look a bit daft with their MP3 sunglasses on, why not buy them an iHat Wireless MP3 Headphone Street Beanie This is a cool beanie hat with integral speaker that fits over the ears. Plug in the Ipod and they're away. Available in pink, white or black. Plug in and chill with out the chill!

3. Run Away Alarm Clock

gifts teenage boys

I was going to put an Ipod alarm clock at number 3 in my gift ideas for teenage boys. But I reckon there's enough music gift ideas for teenage boys in here. Instead I came across this wonderful alarm clock that runs off. The Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, is totally committed to ensuring they don't miss the bus. As soon as clocky starts to beep he jumps off the bedside table and scuttles around randomly. He has to be caught before he'll turn off, and then of course they're out of bed. Simply genius!

2. Share Certificates

Fancy giving the gift of ownership to your teen? Shares in their favourite football club, Ferarri or McDonalds. Hope fully your teen is starting to think about money and how they might fend for themselves as an adult (no mine neither!) Give them an investment that will grow in value, that they can't just go out and spend. The certificate can be framed to hang on their wall.

1. Concert Tickets

And finally at number 1 in my top 10 gift ideas for teenage boys, it's back to the music theme again. Buy them a couple of tickets to a concert. Take a look on the net and see what's coming up in the vicinity. Buy a CD of the band, remove the wrapping and security tags and put the tickets inside for a little extra surprise.

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