Clueless when it comes to gift ideas for husbands? Read on...

Gift ideas for husbands can be elusive at times, whether it be Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines or Christmas. We want to make him feel loved and special, and buy him something he'll really appreciate. However the mind goes blank and we feel clueless! So what do you buy for that man in your life?

Think back, how many times over the last year has he said, I'd like one of those, I need some of these? Probably loads but when the time comes we can't remember. The key is to pick up on these clues throughout the year and note them in our diary on his birthday. Then when his birthday approaches you have a list of gift ideas for husbands to choose from.

However if his birthday's very soon this advice is totally pointless, for which I apologise! Next year you will be organised, for this occasion I hope the following will inspire you...

Unless you know of a birthday gift that your husband needs or would love, and you wouldn't be looking here if you did! Maybe a tangible gift may not be the answer. Would he appreciate spending time with you. Could you create some great memories together that would last a life time? And of course you get to share on the cool experience too!

Gift Ideas for Husbands

For a total experience, hire his favourite car for a day and go for a ride to the beach, hills, woods or where ever takes your fancy. You can buy him a key ring as a momento of the day that'll give him something to unwrap and keep.

How about booking both of you into a spa, having a day of total relaxation, maybe even a couples massage!

A watch with a card or engraving stating 'time with you is full of love and happiness'

Surprise tickets to a concert or the theatre, and it's even better if they are on his birthday. Take a look around locally and see what's on. You could even invite some friends to meet you there, as an additional surprise, and finish off the evening with a meal somewhere lovely.

Book a night away in a hotel. If you book ahead you can often get some good bargains. Find a hotel with a spa or pool and make a day of it. Can you find a hotel with a theatre near by so you can take in a show? There are often some good theatre break all in one packages to be found.

If a hotel isn't in your budget go camping! Dust off that tent and those sleeping bags, and weather permitting spend a romantic night under the stars. Read more budget gift ideas here...

A flying lesson, now that would make great gift ideas for husbands (unless he's a pilot or scared of heights!) and it may even turn into a hobby.

If it's possible you could recreate your first date, what did you do, where did you go? Could you take him back to your first date together, or other memorable romantic moment?

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