Games for 50th birthday party - Need some good ideas?

10 great games for 50th birthday party. Of course you don't have to play 50th birthday party games, but it does help to break the ice and get the party going with a swing.

games for 50th birthday party

People only need to get involved if they wish, and most of the games we have here can be optional. I've chosen games that are neither too silly or embarrassing. If silly and embarrassing is the way you want to go, great – have fun!

Hosting a 70's Trivia Quiz is a fabulous way to get a party going. This can be done in 'pub style' with a host asking the questions and the guests writing the answers down, individually or in a team. Or the quiz papers can be left around the party to be completed in a more informal fashion.

Quiz themes can include the obvious 1960' or 1970's questions. For a smaller party you can buy the 1970'S TRIVIA.

How Well do you Know Me makes a good topical quiz theme. Questions could include...

  • What is my favourite alcoholic drink?
  • What religion am I?
  • Who is my favourite band?
  • Which high school did I go to?
  • What's my middle name?
  • What's my job title?
  • What's my favourite colour?
  • Who would I most like to meet?
  • What is my favourite movie?
  • What colour are my eyes?
  • Another variation of this picture quiz is How Old Was I? Ask family and friends for old pictures through out the years.

    Dig back through your old photo albums and see what you can find. Mount the photo's on a board or stick them on the wall, and see if people can guess the age at the time of the photo.

    games for 50th birthday party You could stick the pictures into a blank keepsake book and draw on speech bubbles, asking the guests to fill them in.

    The book could also be signed by every-one at the party with their happy birthday message. This makes a great keepsake from the celebration.

    Mr & Mrs from the 1970's tv show makes makes more games for 50th birthday party, all you need are some willing couple participants. Send one half of the couple out of the room and ask their partner a list of questions such as...their favourite song, worst habit,most embarrassing moment, then bring their partner back into the room and ask them the same questions. The winning couple are the one's who answer the most questions correctly

    If it's an outdoor party you're planning, how about some outdoor party games such as the good old British croquet, giant jenga, skittles or even a giant chess set. This is a good idea if you're planning to have children at the party too.

    Of course don't forget the classic games for 50th birthday party such as charades and karaoke

    Birthday Roast, this is a game of sorts. Ask guests when sending the invitations out to write down their most favourite or funniest memory and send it to you. These can be read out at the party, selectively! This can be a heart warming and sometimes hilarious way to celebrate 50 years.

    games for 50th birthday party

    If you didn't want to go down the route of games for 50th birthday party, hiring a live entertainer such as a comedian or magician makes for a memorable party

    A Murder Mystery Party is an excellent way to have a fun and memorable 50th birthday party. Depending on your budget you could hire some-one to do this professionally or you can purchase a boxed set.

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