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Talking of funny birthday gifts, my friend was once given a Ouija Board as a  gift by her brother. She never actually uses it but it sits on her book shelf and has been a great topic of conversation over the years. Self Stirring Mug

My daughter thinks Camouflage Golf Balls are funny gifts, and yes you can actually buy them from Amazon. If golf seems just too easy, or you're buying for a golfer who takes it too seriously.

Another friend of mine used to get hilarious gifts off her Dad. One year she got a toilet seat (second hand from the charity shop) honestly! She also received a pile of old Sunday magazine supplements, and an anorak also from the charity shop. (Update: Update sadly my friend's father passed away, turned out he was a millionaire!)

For the single persons birthday a Boyfriend Pillow or for a bit of breast supprot a Girlfriend Pillow , funny, providing they aen't too sensitive about it!

The funniest gift I ever received, well it wasn't funny at the time but it is now. My Mum gave me a set of pans. Fine as a gift in itself, but as I was still living at home at the time I took it as a large hint!

Once you've chosen your funny gift you will of course need to wrap it in Funny All Occasions Wrapping Paper!

Here's some funny gifts that I found on the web

"How about the 19 year old girl who received an ornamental jar of pickled chillis.....just what every 19yr old girl wants....!"

"One time I got a Brick that a friend stole out of an old Lady's yard and she wrote my name on it!"

"An urn (for keeping ashes in) from my mother-inlaw she thought it was pretty."

"One year, my brother gave me one of the free tooth brushes you get from hotels."

"A pair of flip-flops that have a type of gel in, you put them in the fridge to chill and then wear them. How's that for weird?"

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