Foot ID

by Jessica

You'll get some great reactions with this game. Place six different food items such as pizza, potato chips, cottage cheese, tuna fish, and even pet food in six separate containers that are the size of a shoebox. Use your imagination when choosing the food items-the crazier, the better. Ask for six volunteers to come sit in a row of chairs that faces the audience. Ask each volunteer to take off the shoe and sock from one foot,then blindfold all the volunteers. Ask six more volunteers to come and assist the players. Each helper will need paper and a pencil to use during the game. Now, place a container of food at the first player's feet. Have her stick her foot inside and try to identify what the food is. When she has a guess, have her whisper it to her partner who will write it down for later scoring. Keep the food moving. When player one has a guess, move the first container down so player two can also guess. Meanwhile,go ahead and give the first player the second container of food to identify. Repeat this until each foot has felt each food. When you're done,give the players stuff to clean off their feet. Then reveal what was in each container and have the assistants mark one point for each correct guess. The player with the most correct guesses is the winner.

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