Free First Birthday Party Plans Printout

Successful first birthday party plans just need a some organisation. Its a fact that the more thought you put into planning the easier the day will go.

first birthday party plans

Your 1st birthday ideas don't at this stage need to include any party bags or party favours, and you're unlikely to really need any games or activities at this stage. However, first birthday party plans are really for the grown ups and to create great memories. So take a bit of effort with the look and feel of the party. Decorations, theme, cake etc and take lots of pictures.

When I plan a birthday party, the first thing I start with is a list! Here's the list I use below. If you prefer you can print this out here.

If you've any suggestions for things that could be added contact me and I'll add it to the list to help future readers.

6 Weeks to go

  • Fix a budget for the party
  • Write a guest list and decide how many to invite
  • Choose a theme for the party
  • Choose the place, date and time the party will be held.
  • Decide on the number of guests and develop a guest list.
  • Order the invitations if you are going to personalise them
  • Book a photographer or entertainer if needed

4 Weeks to go

  • Write and deliver the 1st birthday invitations
  • Print out your guest list and check off RSPV's as they come in
  • Start shopping for 1st birthday supplies

Shopping List First Birthday Party Plan Add your own extras here
Party Hats   

3 Weeks to go

  • Write of food list if you're doing food
  • Order the cake or make a list of ingredients if buying one
  • Recruit some extra help for the party day, friend, relative or older child.

1 Week to go

  • Write down the party format (ie arrive at 2pm, 2.20 games, 2.40 food, 3pm cake, 3.30 finish)
  • Call any guests who haven't responded
  • Make any food you can ahead of the party to freeze

3 Days to go

  • Shop for food and drink

Shop for you party food and drinks menuAdd your own party food shopping items

The Day Before

  • Baby/toddler proof the house
  • Clean the rooms the party will be held in
  • Check with the photographer or entertainer and confirm arrangements
  • Collect the cake or make it
  • Make sure the camera's working!

The big Day

  • Put up the party decorations
  • Fix balloons to the door or gate so people know where the party is
  • Set the table and decorate.
  • Put the candle on the cake and hide the matches somewhere safe
  • Put out the food
  • Move pets out of the area or maybe do this before the food bit!)
  • Get your baby ready
  • Enjoy the party!

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